Worldcoin Claims Soar Past 16 Million WLD After Epic Launch: Details wafact

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Worldcoin hype intensifies as over 16 million WLD claimed after epic launch

In a remarkable development, Worldcoin (WLD) has achieved an impressive milestone, with over 16 million claims, according to the token’s Dune page. Simultaneously, the number of claiming addresses has surged to a staggering 520,000. These figures suggest that the average profit per claimer of the WLD token currently stands at approximately $56, based on the current market price.

Source: Dune

Taking a closer look at the present tokenomics of Worldcoin, it has become known that out of the total supply of 10 billion WLD, only a mere 1.25% of tokens are currently in circulation. This configuration contributes to an estimated market capitalization of $225 million for Worldcoin.

Market analysts offer differing perspectives on the implications of Worldcoin’s limited free float. Some believe that the restricted availability of WLD has acted as an advantage, enabling the project to manage sales effectively since its listing.

However, this scenario also raises concerns about potential market manipulation by various interested parties, which could lead to volatile price fluctuations. Additionally, a significant unlocking period looms on the horizon for Worldcoin. Beginning mid-July 2024 and spanning two years, 6.62 million WLD will be introduced onto the market every two weeks.

What is Worldcoin (WLD)?

The project, founded by Sam Altman, is an initiative aimed at fostering a globally inclusive identity and financial network owned by a significant portion of humanity. This vision is realized through the synergy of the World App, Worldcoin token (WLD) and World ID.

The World App functions as a gateway to the Worldcoin ecosystem, providing access to financial services, token management and more. The Worldcoin token (WLD) serves multiple purposes, facilitating payments, financial access and network governance. The World ID, as claimed by project’s whitepaper, offers a secure method of identity verification without divulging personal information through iris scans.

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