Want To Make It In Hollywood? David Weintraub Is Ready To Help With The Hollywood Handbook

David Weintraub has just released The Hollywood Handbook, a seven-course on line series for how to make yourself known in music, television and on social media. Over the past 25 years, Weintraub has been involved in all angles of the business. He worked as a talent agent for Willliam Morris Endeavor and United Talent Agency, produced and created many reality television shows, performed on many of those series and helped his clients transition as the social media influencer business rapidly grew powerful.

The Hollywood handbook was created as a guide to getting a foot into the entertainment business, Hollywood, social media, and pop culture. Weintraub designed this as a crash course in how to produce, create and distribute content as set forth within a virtual training guide. For $397, the seven steps covered are producing, creating content, distribution, interacting with the press, creation of a viral moment and how to make high caliber content.


Weintraub, both as author of the course, and for an additional charge available as a mentor leverages his experience to guide those who want to capture the lift from a viral moment or want additional insight into how to enter the entertainment business or scale a business utilizing social media to find brand partnerships.


I spoke at length with Weintraub who explained his premise. Social media monetization is based on a metric for making money. Weintraub believes content needs to be up to par with a unique voice, great point of view editing and style, and timely when it gets sent out and onto the right platform.

The intention is to help teach how to gather a community which pays attention to your skills or social media, then convert that to a systematic process of monetization. Typically, a viral moment induces attention which can then be bolstered by reaching out to brands which would benefit from the association with the author of that viral moment. If successful, that initial brand deal can expand into an ongoing business relationship. Brand placement can be as simple as placing the product subtly into the background of the shot in anything newly released.

Weintraub teaches the steps to become brand friendly which include being authentic so that you can build repeatable moments, demonstrate unique talent, and use the power of technology to make your messaging resonate.

For the past 25 years Weintraub has been in the entertainment business, starting at 15 years of age. He now has a management company: DWE Talent in Beverly Hills. Additionally, Weintraub created numerous reality shows including Sons of Hollywood, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, and The Hollywood Hillbillies. This experience gave him the ability to understand who the ultimate content buyers are, which means he also knows how to teach people to pitch ideas to those decision makers.

Ultimately, the Hollywood Handbook is an entry point in which the subscription is the basis for either individual or group learning. From there, participants can purchase additional help including career guidance and individual mentoring. The entertainment industry is one of the world’s most competitive spaces. Help is not easy to find. Everybody has an angle. Weintraub’s is this: the stars of the future are coming through social media. Your market worth is dependent on both content and analytics. These are not intuitive paths. Guidance saves time and helps avoid embarrassing failures. In a competitive space in which relationships and output both matter, it’s good to have an experienced sherpa to help navigate the path. The time saved could more than outweigh the cost.

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