Usually $699, this Kodak Tower Party Speaker is discounted to $100 [wafact]

The KODAK KD-PRPS1758 Tower Party Speaker on a white background.

Make your parties more lively by investing in Bluetooth speaker deals. Don’t worry, you won’t need to spend lots of cash because there are attention-catching offers like this discount on the Kodak KD-PRPS1758 Tower Party Speaker by Amazon’s Woot. From its original price of $699, it’s down to a very cheap $100 for savings of $599. There’s still a lot of time before the bargain ends. but it’s not recommended to wait until the last minute before completing your purchase as you’re opening yourself up to the risk that stock is depleted before then.

Why you should buy the Kodak KD-PRPS1758 Tower Party Speaker

Kodak, primarily a photography company, isn’t a brand that you’ll see in our roundup of the best Bluetooth speakers, but the Kodak KD-PRPS1758 Tower Party Speaker warrants a second look. Whether you’re thinking about using it to play music during parties, sing karaoke in gatherings, or make announcements in wide areas, this device will make sure that you’ll get heard with its double 10-inch speakers with a 2-inch tweeter, as well as a built-in microphone.

You can connect to the Kodak KD-PRPS1758 Tower Party Speaker through Bluetooth, so it’s easy to use it with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, among other mobile devices. You can also play music from a USB device or a TF card, giving you more choices on how you want to carry your files with you. It comes with a remote control so you don’t need to go to it whenever you need to make adjustments, as well as a rechargeable battery so you don’t need to place it near a power outlet.

The Kodak KD-PRPS1758 Tower Party Speaker is a worthwhile purchase, especially since you can get it for just $100 from Amazon’s Woot. The retailer’s 86% discount on the Bluetooth speaker’s sticker price of $699 translates to savings of $599, but you’re going to have to hurry with the transaction because there’s a real chance that stock gets sold out before the planned expiration of the offer. If you want the Kodak KD-PRPS1758 Tower Party Speaker or two for this cheap, you should proceed with buying them as soon as possible.

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