Today’s Wordle #787 Hints, Clues And Answer For Tuesday, August 15th

Another day, another Wordle. The popular viral word puzzle game continues to entertain and delight puzzle-solvers across the world. It has spawned many clones and imitators, but none have usurped the Wordle throne.

And so I keep writing this daily guide and will continue to do so as long as readers keep coming back for hints and clues and to play competitive Wordle and solve Wordle Wednesday puzzles and all the rest. I appreciate everyone who keeps coming back and reading.

I had a strange dream last night—well, this morning—that it had snowed overnight and buried us in under several feet of winter. It was one of those dreams that’s so real, it took me a minute after waking to realize that no, I didn’t actually have to go shovel. It’s August 15th, still very much summertime. I think last winter was a bit traumatizing!

Alright, shake it off, Erik! Let’s do this Wordle!

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