TikTok For Business Beginners Guide

Do you want to know how to use TikTok for business, but you’re a beginner? You’ve come to the right place.

In this business blog guide, we let you know of a couple of ways you can start using TikTok to build your own community, build your brand with people who use TikTok, and find out what your competitors are doing on the social media site so you can create content to win over their audiences.

Why TikTok?

What is all the fuss about with TikTok? Is it needed if you’ve got your business on other social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and maybe you’ve got a YouTube channel? After all, there are only so many hours in a day to generate and post content. Plus engage with followers, and surely the other social networks have the same crowd? TikTok has to be a very good proposition for businesses to bother with it so what does it have that businesses want?

Gen Z

TikTok has a growing audience of Gen Z. In fact, anyone under 29 years of age is probably using TikTok, particularly in the USA where two-thirds of its users are young adults and teenagers.

While it’s Gen X and Millennials who have more disposable income, building your brand with the younger generation is setting it up for long-term customer loyalty. Plus your business is perfecting its video marketing strategy as it’s now preferred over other types of content.

TikTok Accounts


There are a couple of options for your new TikTok account. There is a regular or personal TikTok account. The other type of account is the TikTok Business account. You may have heard of a creator account; however, that’s no longer an option.

Personal Account

The personal account is the most popular, and it is free. A personal account gives you all the editing and viewing tools you need and has the “Promote” function too.

The ‘promote’ function allows you to pay for marketing that is primarily out of your hands. It is good, but when compared to the business account it lacks features you can use immediately, like analytics and access to TikTok’s commercial music library. However, a personal account does offer creators monetization features hence it’s a good account to start using while you’re just getting started with TikTok.

Start With a Regular TikTok Account

Learn the “Promote” feature on the regular account before you start tinkering with the business account. Take a look at the responses you get and focus on the most important thing (your content). If you feel you are getting some positive response (sales/conversions) from your promoted content, move on to the more advanced tools offered by a TikTok business account.

Business Account

Is the TikTok Business Account All About Marketing?

Yes, it is all about marketing and metrics. You are given access to full analytics, and you are given access to the TikTok marketing tools. Here are the types of adverts you may post if you convert your regular TikTok into a business account.


With high-profile personal accounts, i.e., more than 1000 followers and all business accounts, you get access to features including:

  • Ads manager
  • The creator marketplace – an official collaboration platform connecting brands
  • Business toolkits
  • Full-service eCommerce solutions
Advert Creation Tools

The advert creation tools on TikTok are pretty easy to understand. After signing up for your business account, you may use their advert creation tools. They walk you through the process, asking about your goals, helping you pick a target audience, and so forth. The adverts you post will be reviewed.

It takes longer to get your ads approved when your account is new. Make sure you read up on TikTok’s guidelines so you don’t have too many rejections. Remember, time is money; therefore, to avoid red flags, read the rules. For some things, you will just have to experience the rejection for example, you may get caught by things you wouldn’t have thought of, such as if your audio doesn’t fit your subtitle captions correctly.

Simplified Mode and Custom Mode

The marketing tools, especially the TikTok adverts you can pick with a business account, are very expensive. For example, the brand Takeovers feature will cost you tens of thousands of dollars for a partial campaign. Start with the cheaper adverts and use the “Simplified mode.” It is similar in purpose to the “Promote” feature offered for regular TikTok accounts.

Once you have grown accustomed to how things work and which types of advertisements you want (and can afford), you may then move on to “Custom mode.” This will allow you to tailor your ads to deliver more conversions while helping you spend your money more efficiently. Obviously, the success of your campaigns and the value for money you get will depend on your customizations.

What is the Point of TikTok Business?

TikTok Business has more features, promotion control, and analytics than personal accounts. Commercially, it often makes sense to pay for prominence on TikTok as perception rules. This includes how you get more followers quickly and rule your category in TikTok.

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