This popular Alienware gaming PC just got a huge price cut

A pair of Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R14 Gaming Desktops.

You’re looking at a significant investment if you want to purchase a gaming PC that will be able to smoothly run today’s most popular video games. Fortunately, gaming PC deals can make it a little lighter on the wallet. Here’s one that you shouldn’t miss — the Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R14 for $1,300, after a $680 discount from Dell on the machine’s original price of $1,980. There are a lot of gamers hunting for offers like this one, so make the purchase before everyone else finds out.

Why you should buy the Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R14 Gaming PC

If you want to play the best PC games without worrying whether your gaming PC can handle them, you’ll want to buy a dependable machine like the Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R14. It showcases AMD’s progress in the AMD vs Intel rivalry with its AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor and AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT graphics card, while its 16GB of RAM is tagged as a good baseline in our guide on how to buy a gaming desktop as it’s enough for the titles that everyone is playing.

The Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R14 comes with a 512GB SSD, which offers enough space for several AAA titles all their necessary updates, and with Windows 11 Home out of the box, you can start installing your favorite games as soon as you hook up the gaming PC to its power supply, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. The gaming desktop’s eye-catching Legend 2.0 design not only looks amazing, but because it prioritizes cooling, it will also keep the Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R14 running at peak performance even after several hours of playing.

It’s a wonderful time to be alive for gamers because there are deals like Dell’s $680 price cut for the Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R14. You’ll only have to pay $1,300 for this powerful and reliable gaming desktop instead of its sticker price of $1,980, but you need to act fast because we’re not sure how much time is left before the offer disappears. It may be gone sooner than you expect, so don’t waste any more time thinking about it.

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