The best TV shows of 2023 so far – science fiction and documentaries Wafact

Foundation Season 2 is now out on Apple TV+

Foundation season 2 is now out on Apple TV+

Apple TV+

Struggling to choose what to watch? Whether it’s sci-fi, medical dramas or documentaries about the natural world, we have you covered on the CultureLab podcast. New Scientist‘s TV columnist Bethan Ackerley shares a rundown of her top TV choices from 2023 so far, as well as what to look out for the rest of the year. 

Transcript to follow.

Reviews of some of the shows featured in this episode:  

Foundation (Apple TV+)

The Last Of Us (HBO Max and Sky Atlantic)

Best Interests (Sky Go, Amazon, Apple TV+)

Wild Isles (BBC iPlayer, Amazon)

Dead Ringers (Amazon)

Silo (Apple TV+)

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