Tether Brings IoT and AI to Bitcoin (BTC) Mining, CTO Ardoino Shares Details wafact

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New Tether Bitcoin (BTC) mining software Moria will employ all latest tech developments for transparent, inclusive and resource-efficient mining


Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Bitfinex and Tether, introduces Ork, an orchestration module for Tether’s novel Bitcoin (BTC) mining software, Moria. It is far more powerful compared to existing solutions and can also be implemented in energy production instruments.

After Bitcoin (BTC) mining, Tether’s software Moria will be implemented in energy production

Tether’s Moria is set to address all challenges and weak spots of existing Bitcoin (BTC) mining software protocols, i.e., lack of customizability, poor data processing techniques and mediocre output optimization tooling. Ork, the newly launched orchestration module by Tether, will gather and operate data in a totally different way, Mr. Ardoino stressed in his recent Twitter post.

As a result, novel Bitcoin (BTC) mining systems — even with IoT-like amounts of data to be processed — will be really modular and scalable at the same time. Moria will be able to work with very sophisticated heterogeneous data systems that connect devices of various types to each other.

Not only will Moria gather data from Bitcoin (BTC) mining computers, but it will also analyze it and aggregate it through potential AI-driven models in order to generate valuable insights.

Besides Bitcoin (BTC) mining, the new instruments will also be leveraged in “real-world” economy. Moria’s Ark will be stress tested for use in the sustainable energy production segment.

Starting from May 2023, Tether invests in eco-friendly Bitcoin (BTC) mining in Uruguay.

Tether’s development will be able to connect “tens of millions” of devices, CTO says

As covered by U.Today previously, USDT issuer Tether is going to release software development kits and programming libraries for Bitcoin (BTC) mining.

Some of the elements of the future massive software will be created by Paolo Ardoino himself, he stated in a recent message. 

As a result, Moria will be able to work with “tens of millions of devices”, allowing dynamic peer-to-peer data routing and orchestration, the Tether CTO concluded.

Right not, the software consists of 30+ modules and microservices.

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