Telescope Labs Launches Analytics Module for Web3 Gaming Powered by GPT-4 wafact

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Innovative analytics team Telescope Labs announces release of research tool designed to derive insights from Web3 gaming segment


With the hotly anticipated tool, a new generation of Web3-native gamers will be able to make their strategies more data-driven and achieve new goals in tournaments, missions and PvP battles. Also, this is one of the first viable implementations of generative artificial intelligence in Web3 games.

Telescope Labs releases analytics tool to track 2,000+ crypto games

According to the official announcement shared by Telescope Labs, its first-of-its-kind gaming analytics tool powered by AI model GPT-4 kicks off today, on July 4, 2023. It will be able to derive insights from over 2,000 Web3 games on various blockchains.

Using this tool, cryptocurrency-focused gamers will be able to easily track 37 distinct Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) required to make better economic and strategic solutions in the segment of Web3 esports.

Technically, the new solution is a plug-in that transcends the constraints of traditional data analysis tools. Thanks to the opportunities unlocked by GPT-4, the newest AI module, the plugin can browse through a large volume of data.

Semih Gilan, CEO and co-founder of Telescope Labs, highlighted the innovative design of his new product and the benefits it opens for all gaming enthusiasts:

We’re thrilled to bring this advanced tool to the market. The plugin’s blend of voluminous and varied data, sophisticated reasoning, user-friendliness, and real-time responsiveness is a game-changer for web3 gaming and blockchain.

With Telescope Labs’ new product, gamers and investors will be able to compare the growth trajectories of different games and forecast future trends preciously.

Major accomplishment for analytics in Web3 gaming

Telescope Labs representatives are sure that this launch raises the bar for analytics in GameFi and thriving in the Web3 data segment as a whole.

This release is a response by analytics innovators to the growing demand for advanced, newcomer-friendly data research tools within the blockchain gaming activist community.

Telescope Labs is a London-headquartered Web3 data research company with offices in United States, Israel and Turkey. It creates projective models to forecast the most important trends in various segments of the Web3 scene globally.

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