Smooth Tasting 2020 Bordeaux Releases

This is one of four articles published today regarding 2020 Bordeaux wines that were released in 2022 after initial aging.

A more detailed description of how these wines evolved from 2020 to 2022 can be found in this companion article.

Below are tasting notes for many Entre-deux-Mers Bordeaux red wines. This article is accompanied by three others—describing right bank Bordeaux red wines, left bank Bordeaux red wines, and right and left bank Bordeaux white wines.

Red Wines –

Château Thenac. 1621. 2020. 93 – 94 points.

A white blend from Bergerac with a lovely landscape image label by artist Kathryn Maple. Robust, powerful aromas of hickory, gorse, mandarin slices and raspberries. A happy, lively, balanced and sprightly juice in the mouth. Quite the cascade of fresh flavors. Attack a beefy array of cocoa and dorp licorice, while the mid palate includes marshmallows and cherries and the finish has a hit of chocolate and pine. Pair with a provolone and Bayon ham croque monsieur or After Eight mints.

Château Laurence. Grand Vin de Bordeaux. 2020. 95 points.

From Philippe Nunes comes this black and red cherry aroma explosion. Plush and saturated flavors with a hit of chocolate chips and crisp acidity. Soft in the mouth with elegant tannins, dark and red fruit, somewhat complex with mocha on the finish. This is a luscious wine to kick off an evening of red wines with a long dinner. Surprising and delightful.

Château Laurence. Petite Laurence. Grand Vin de Bordeaux. 2020. 94 points.

Deep and almost dense aromas of dark red fruit—raspberries and plums—as well as mocha. Ripe red fruit in the mouth as well as slight tarragon and chocolate. A lovely, satisfying wine that delivers balanced satisfaction. Raspberries mid palate and slight sage on the finish. Complex, with bright acidity delivering perky flavors. Tannins somewhat textured, which also enhances the flavors.

Château Thénac. 2020. 93 points.

Full and deep aromas of red fruit, including strawberries, and florals that include roses. In the mouth, a light, elegant, juicy river of red fruit flavors, and some mocha and mint on the finish. Soft tannins, quiet acidity. Not complex, but satisfying. Well made, well balanced. Pair with oxtail soup or beef stew. Still young.

Château Laurence. Laurence Sans Sulfites ajoutés. Vin Pays de l’Atlantique. IGP. 2020. 94 points.

Philippe Nunes delivers this rich, nostril tickling bouquet of energetic and plush red and black fruit. Also some aromas of sandpaper and molasses. Superbly balanced and full mid palate of jouncing red fruit, some cinnamon crisp and slight apple tart on the finish. Impressive, with mild tannins and acidity that embraces and uplifts the fruit.

Château Auguste. 2020. 92 points.

A rodeo of earthy, fruity aromas, as well as dark licorice and tar. Burly flavors and broad-shouldered tannins, Red fruit mid palate and some mocha on the finish. Still young.

Château Leroy-Beauval. Bordeaux Supérieur. 2020. 94 points.

A Merlot dominant blend with Cabernet Sauvignon. Includes aromas of rich red cherries, strawberries, molasses and mint. Soft tannins well integrated with delicate fruit and a mid palate of red cherries and red plums and some orange on the finish. Light and easygoing.

Château La Loubiere. Bordeaux Supérieur. 2020. 95 points.

Burly aromas of fresh cut pine, marzipan, chocolate chip cookies and mint in this 100% Merlot. A sweet, well rounded, succulent surprise. A layer cake of Saint-Émilion complexity with soft tannins, German chocolate cake and red cherries mid palate and some spicy candy on the finish. Zinging with energy and flavors. Young and spunky.

White Wines –

Château Leroy-Beauval. Vin de Bordeaux. 2020. 94+ points.

Mineral, flower, fruity, hefty aromas that include grapefruit, as well as salt and sea spray and mild mint. An enjoyable wine with juicy acidity that is approachable, layered, and with some salinity. Fun, generous and well balanced.

Château Thénac. 2020. 90 – 91 points.

Somewhat flinty aromas with tropicals that include lime. Fruity and acidic mid palate with limes and gooseberries. Pair with sushi or slightly salty appetizers.

Château Puy Redon. Chardonnay. 2020. 94 – 95 points.

Crisp, light, breezy and refreshing aromas of lime, lemongrass and salt. The juicy mid palate is bulbous with tropicals, and the finish includes slight bread crumbs. Rounded and redolent—a pleasurable wine that satisfies. Pair with prawns or even buttery escargot. Generous yet lean with crisp acidity and a succulent mouth feel. Bravo.

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