Shibarium Launch: ‘Things Coming Way Before May’: Shythoshi Kusama

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Yuri Molchan

Chief of SHIB developers has named new time mark before which Shibarium may be launched


Some SHIB fans have recently shared on Twitter that lead developer of Shiba Inu Shytoshi Kusama may have dropped a hint on another time mark before which Shibarium might be launched.

During this time, the validity of the code and various tests will take place, and it may take longer than expected.

“Things are coming way before May”: Kusama

Twitter user and SHIB fan KURO SHIBARMY JPN (@kuro_9696_9696) has shared a screenshot from a correspondence that took place on Telegram with the participation of Shytoshi Kusama.

The screenshot only shows the message of the lead SHIB developer, which states: “Things are coming way before May.” The SHIB fan expects this to be said about the long-awaited release of the Shibarium Layer-2 solution for the Shiba Inu network based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Aside from that, SHIB fan account SUNSHINE 柴犬 (@sunshineSHIB) shared another screenshot from a Telegram chat of Kusama with his devs. The lead developer in it states that he wants a meeting with the developer team, saying, “Even I am tired of keeping quiet. Let’s soon discuss.” In a message before that on the same screenshot, Kusama confirms that the Shibarium release is “coming soon.”

The user added that the release remains uncertain, and “even Kusama can’t predict it.” Further, he added that “The devs are working hard to ensure 100% code validity and approval of all tests, which may take longer than expected.”

No Shibarium launch on Valentine’s Day

Previously, some of the SHIB army members spread the word on Twitter that they expected Shibarium to be rolled out on Feb. 10 or Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day, which is today.

Their expectations were based on the text that Shytoshi Kusama added to his Twitter bio in January, but he quickly removed it. The text stated that he was “learning to play the flute” and also mentioned “a heart-shaped box,” in which he was preparing to present Shibarium to the community longing for it.

Over the weekend, however, Kusama stated that Shibarium does not have an exact date of launch as it does not happen via an on/off switch.

The community looks forward to the release of the Layer-2 solution for SHIB as it will provide cheap and fast transactions and allow building on Shibarium and the use of smart contracts. Besides, a portion of transaction fees (paid in BONE tokens) are going to be converted into SHIB and moved to unspendable wallets, i.e., burned.

The SHIB army expects trillions of Shiba Inu to be burned this way within short periods of time. Burns are making tokens more scarce, which increases the chances of a sharp price rise.

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