Ripple CTO Says Uniswap Is Not Decentralized wafact

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Yuri Molchan

Ripple CTO has gotten involved in dispute about decentralized crypto projects


Chief technology officer at Ripple David Schwartz has taken to Twitter to take part in a discussion of which crypto projects in the industry are truly decentralized and which are not. In particular, he left a comment about Uniswap, a well-known decentralized exchange.

“Uniswap is not decentralized”

Schwartz commented on a tweet posted by the founder of @rotkiapp, @LefterisJP. The latter stated that some crypto projects “opensource wash” their work, pretending to be decentralized and open source.

In particular, the tweet was about Uniswap v4, which was released under a Business Software License (BSL). The latter ensures that software may become open source after a certain period of time passes after the release.

@LefterisJP stated that due to that fact, Uniswap v4 is not open source. David Schwartz stepped in to comment that Uniswap, the original version of the DEX, is not decentralized either.

The Ripple CTO shared a link to his earlier tweet, in which he expressed doubts about Uniswap v3 being a decentralized project. Now, he took a jab at Uniswap v4. His argument for that stance was that “if some person or group has an enforceable legal right to tell others how they can and can’t use it, it’s not decentralized.”

Besides, Schwartz reminded that Uniswap is controlled by Uniswap Labs.

“Ripple is honest about being centralized”

Prominent XRP-themed account @XRPcryptowolf confirmed that Ripple is centralized (thus ruining multiple efforts of many XRP fans to claim the opposite). He stated that decentralization is “the biggest lie in crypto,” and there is no project that is truly decentralized. “At least Ripple is being honest about being centralized,” he tweeted.

One of the commentators disagreed, saying that he believes only Bitcoin to be decentralized.

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