Rihanna’s Puffy Super Bowl Halftime Dancers Are Now a Meme

What’s the Super Bowl without super-sized outfits?

On Sunday, viewers tuned in to see Rihanna do her thing during the halftime show and left with some Super Bowl meme material — dancers dressed in enormous, powder-white getups.

The snugly dressed backup dancers accompanied the pop star as she performed snippets of songs like We Found Love, Rude Boy and Wild Thoughts. To some Twitter users, the bold fits evoked the Michelin Man, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and even Oompa Loompas.

When it was time for Rihanna to sing All of the Lights, more of the conservatively dressed performers jogged onto the field with their arms outstretched. 

The internet quickly jumped on the clip, which you can watch at the 8:13 mark of this halftime show video. “Sheep getting herded,” one Twitter user quipped. 

Rihanna’s performers, of course, aren’t the first Super Bowl backup dancers to shimmy their way into meme fame. Who could forget “Left Shark,” a dancer in a cartoon shark outfit who didn’t seem to give a damn while dancing behind Katy Perry during Super Bowl halftime in 2015?  

But the 2023 halftime show had the internet buzzing for another reason besides the puffy dancers. It led to the confirmation that Rihanna’s pregnant with her second child. The Super Bowl saw the Kansas City Chiefs triumph over the over the Philadelphia Eagles and also entertained with commercials and movie trailers.

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