‘Rebel Moon’ Looks Way Better Than Modern ‘Star Wars’ And Yet I’m Filled With Doubt

The plot of Zack Snyder’s upcoming two-part film Rebel Moon sounds a bit like The Magnificent Seven. A young rebel named Kora (Sofia Boutella) must gather a group of space fighters to protect a colony under invasion from the despotic Mother World and the tyrannical Regent Balisarius (Fra Fee).

While Boutella is a lesser-known star, the cast is riddled with big names. Anthony Hopkins narrates the trailer below. People are already taking bets on whether Djimon Hounsou’s General Titus will survive. Charlie Hunnam plays Kai. Then there is Ray Fisher, Cary Elwes, Corey Stoll, Ed Skrein and many others.

The trailer—which we’ll get to shortly—is absolutely stunning. Breathtaking visuals, imaginative characters and aliens.

Rebel Moon is a space fantasy that makes Star Wars look tame and pedestrian even as it borrows relentlessly from that universe, right down to dual-wielding lightsabers:

The Mother World’s fascist forces lean into the Galactic Empire’s space Nazi aesthetic:

But it also has flying space griffins, barbarian warriors, and really unique alien creatures like this scary lady:

Or this scary lady:

Anthony Hopkins plays this fascinating robot named Jimmy:

The point is it all looks absolutely fantastic and yet I am keeping my expectations in check and trying not to get my hopes up too much for one simple reason: Zack Snyder.

I know Snyder has legions of fans who love his films but I simply do not. I don’t dislike Snyder’s movies necessarily, but I don’t love them, either. Almost every Snyder movie I’ve ever seen has been almost good. I often really enjoy the premise, the visuals, the action—but not the story. There’s something inert and lifeless about Snyder’s characters and storytelling that always holds his films back from greatness.

I want to like Snyder’s films. They’re the kind of movies that I generally love. I just always end up disappointed. Here’s hoping Rebel Moon breaks the mold.

The film will air as two distinct parts. Rebel Moon: A Child of Fire hits Netflix on December 22nd. Rebel Moon: The Scargiver lands a few months later on April 19th, 2024. The movies will also have limited theatrical releases which, frankly, seems like the way to go for such an epic, cinematic space fantasy.

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