Procaps Group Publishes White Paper on Innovative Gummy Technology By

Procaps Group (PROC) Publishes White Paper on Innovative Gummy Technology

Procaps Group, S.A. (PROC) announced today the availability of a new white paper focused on gummy products, its revolutionary gummy technology, titled “Revolutionary Gummy Technology That Solves for The Supply Chain Constraints of Other Gummy Formats and Enhances Consumer Experience”.

The white paper explores how brands, manufacturers, and suppliers of VMS (Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements) products today face the challenge of ensuring that their products can maintain their quality and integrity across the different steps involved during the supply chain distribution, particularly during summer season. During the stages of storage, loading, unloading and transportation, the high sensitivity of gummies to temperature fluctuation poses the most significant challenge.

The white paper introduces Funtrition®, a division of Procaps and leading developer and manufacturer of innovative gummy technologies, that has been working for years on extensive research and development in new technology platforms that can solve any type of formulation challenges, bringing exciting products to consumers, while elevating sensorial experiences, and now, overcoming critical challenges that could potentially affect the product during its distribution.

“Gummy safety and quality are an urgent concern for many organizations that are faced with increasing strict marketplace requirements,” said Camilo Camacho, COO of Procaps Group. “Amazon for example has implemented a ‘Meltable Product Shipping Policy’ requiring brands to ensure their products meet quality standards and are not susceptible to melting during the stages of storage and transportation.”

“This white paper demonstrates how Funtrition meets these challenges with its revolutionary technology that increases the thermal resistance of the gummies. We hope this white paper will be an accessible, practical highlight for investors showing Procaps’ development of innovative technologies to meet evolving market demands and requirements,” said Ruben Minski, CEO of Procaps Group.

The white paper, provided by Procaps, can be downloaded by visiting:

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