New Shows And Movies To Stream This Weekend On Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+ And More

The weekend is finally here and we can all kick back and relax at long last. This felt like a long week for some reason, though I think I’ll blame the three-day headache that left me gloomy and unable to focus on writing or much of anything else.

Suffice to say, I’m looking forward to kicking back and watching some shows, though I’ll be honest: There’s not a lot new out this weekend, so I may be tapping into older stuff a bit. With that said, let’s dive right in . . . .

(You can check out all the shows and movies from last weekend right here).

New Shows & Movies

Harlan Coben’s Shelter (Amazon Prime Video)

This one caught my eye because I just read my first Harlan Coben novel earlier this year. Tell No One was a pretty good twisty-turny mystery-thriller but I have to say, for a book that came out in 2001 it was pretty racist. Not intentionally racist, I’d say, but the black characters were just walking stereotypes and every time the main character had any sort of internal thoughts about black people I found myself wincing. I suspect the new show—about a group of young people investigating mysterious disappearances—will be more with the times.

The Wonder Years Season 2 (Disney+)

I still haven’t watched the new / rebooted The Wonder Years though I thought it looked pretty good. I guess if we’re being honest, I didn’t watch the entire original show, either. Maybe a season or two? It’s been ages. In any case, this is back for Season 2, having avoided the rash of cancellations we’ve seen at all the major streamers.

Telemarketers (Max)

I forgot to include this in my streaming guide last week as I honestly didn’t realize it was already out. The docuseries is the true story of two telemarketer employees who go on a 20-year crusade to expose the industry and cast a light on the corruption, crime and scandal that goes on behind the scenes. It looks absolutely fantastic.

MORE FROM FORBESNew Shows And Movies To Stream This Weekend On Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+ And More

Star Wars: Rebels (Disney+)

Okay, it’s not a new show. In fact, it’s a pretty old show now. But it’s also what you ought to watch before diving into Star Wars: Ahsoka which comes out later this week (though not in time for this weekend’s streaming guide). I’m not sure exactly how lost you’ll be in Ahsoka without watching this first, but it’ll definitely help to know some of the big plot points. I’ll post a guide here on this blog also to help you get up to speed, so stay tuned and be sure to follow me on Twitter or Facebook!

Blue Beetle (In Theaters)

This actually looks pretty charming, and despite feeling a very strong sense of superhero fatigue and mistrust in all things DC, I like Xolo Maridueña (who you’ll recognize from Cobra Kai) and I’ll probably go see this in theaters. I still need to see the new Ninja Turtles movie also. I think after Oppenheimer and Barbie I just needed a break from going to the movies!

See below for everything releasing this weekend on all the major streaming services. What are you watching these days? Any recommendations? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook.

New on Netflix – Full List

Released Thursday, August 17

My Dad the Bounty Hunter: Season 2 *NETFLIX FAMILY

The Upshaws: Part 4 *NETFLIX SERIES

Released Friday, August 18

10 Days of a Bad Man *NETFLIX FILM

Love, Sex and 30 Candles (ZA) *NETFLIX FILM



New on Prime Video – Full List

Released Friday, August 18

Harlan Coben’s Shelter (2023) *Prime Video Original Series

New Bandits (2023) *Prime Video Original Series

Puppy Love (2023) (Freevee) *Freevee Original Movie

Unseen (2023)

New on Hulu – Full List

Released Thursday, August 17

Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks: Complete Season 1 *Only on Hulu

Four Samosas | 2022

Released Friday, August 18

The Friendship Game | 2022

War of the Worlds: The Attack | 2023

Released Saturday, August 19

To Catch A Killer | 2023

Released Sunday, August 20

Amsterdam | 2022

New on Disney+ – Full List

Released Thursday, August 17

The Wonder Years (S2, 10 episodes)

Released Friday, August 18

LEGO® Disney Princess: The Castle Quest (Premiere) *Disney+ Original

New on Apple TV+ – Full List

Released Friday, August 18


New on Paramount+ with Showtime – Full List

Released Friday, August 18

The ChiBillions

Released Saturday, August 19


New on Starz – Full List

Released Friday, August 18

Heels: Episode 204

Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham: Episode 202

Minx: Episode 205

New on Max – Full List

Released Thursday, August 17

Avatar (2009)

I Love You, And It Hurts (aka Te Quiero y Me Duele) (Max Original)

And Just Like ThatRap Sh!t

Released Friday, August 18

American Masters: Sidney Poitier: One Bright Light (2000)

MarkKim + Chef (Max Original)

Time of Essence, Season 1 (OWN)

Released Sunday, August 20

Disappeared: The Bradley Sisters (ID)

Sister Wives, Season 18 (TLC)

Stand Up to Cancer Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty

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