Need a cheap laptop? This 14-inch HP is only $270 today

HP 14 laptop with intel Celeron on desk.

Buying a new laptop doesn’t have to break the bank, especially if you’ll only be using it for simple tasks. Fortunately, there are amazing laptop deals like the HP Laptop 14 for just $270, after a $160 discount from HP on its original price of $430. We’re not expecting this offer to last long as there’s high demand for cheap but reliable laptops, so you’ll have to complete the transaction as soon as possible if you don’t want to miss out.

Why you should buy the HP Laptop 14

The HP Laptop 14 offers decent performance with its AMD 3020e processor and AMD Radeon Graphics, plus 8GB of RAM that our laptop buying guide says is the sweet spot for most users. It won’t match up to the power of the best laptops, but if your planned usage for the device is along the likes of checking emails, typing documents, browsing the internet, and watching streaming content, then these specifications will be more than enough. The laptop also comes with Windows 11 Home out of the box, pre-installed in its 128GB SSD that will provide ample storage space for your files and apps.

The laptop’s 14-inch HD display is surrounded by narrow bezels, which maximizes its dimensions while also reducing distractions. The thin and light design of the HP Laptop 14 makes it easy to carry with you anywhere, and if you’re thinking about working while on the go, its long-lasting battery life will make sure that you won’t be forced to stop mid-way. Once you have access to a wall outlet, just 45 minutes of charging will replenish about 50% of the laptop’s battery thanks to HP Fast Charge technology.

There are all kinds of HP laptop deals that are available right now, but if you want something affordable but dependable, turn your attention towards this $160 discount for the HP Laptop 14. You’ll only have to pay $270 for the device instead of $430, but you don’t have time to waste because we’re not sure when the offer will end. If you’re already looking forward to everything that you can accomplish with the HP Laptop 14, you shouldn’t hesitate to finalize this purchase.

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