More Businesses Now Accepting Direct XRP Payments wafact

Crypto payments provider BitPay has revealed an interesting fact about XRP adoption. In a new tweet, BitPay declared that a growing number of merchants are now accepting XRP direct payment, a testament to its growing utility and adoption.

According to BitPay, 30 merchants and counting support XRP direct payment, which includes big names such as AMC theaters, Newegg, top South African-based Prepaid Gamer Online, Ace Jewelers, Latvian-headquartered airline AirBaltic, and several others.

BitPay previously announced worldwide support for XRP, allowing BitPay users across the world to buy, store, swap and spend XRP across all of its solutions.

XRP, the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, became one of the hottest stories in the crypto space following the judge’s landmark ruling on July 13.

In its ruling, the court distinguished between the token itself and how it was sold, declaring that XRP, in and of itself, is not an investment contract.

The crypto industry celebrated its first win against the SEC, which sets the precedent for other crypto assets, tokens and securities regulations in the United States.

XRP gained notable attention after the ruling, as several platforms rushed to add the crypto asset to their platforms. This has also accelerated its acceptance as a preferred payment method by more businesses.

CoinFlip, a fintech firm, announced the listing of XRP on its platform in July. This is significant since Coinflip maintains the world’s largest network of cryptocurrency ATMs in terms of transaction volume, with over 4,500 kiosks in 49 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, Canada and Australia, allowing cash purchases and sales of major cryptocurrencies.

In the latest listings, BIT, a professional cryptocurrency exchange that deals in options trading, has announced the addition of XRP options to its platform.

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