Modhaus and K-Pop Girl Group tripleS Break Ground with New Fan-Curated Album

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Gamza Khanzadaev

Rising K-pop stars tripleS release new album ‘ASSEMBLE,’ curated by fans through app ‘COSMO: the Origin’

Yesterday, on the eve of Valentine’s Day, the new album by the increasingly popular girl K-pop group tripleS was released. As you may know, a key feature of the group is the fluid nature of its lineup of 24 singers, where the selection and creation of subgroups is determined by fans through a blockchain voting process called Gravity.

In addition to determining the lineup of sub-band members, fans were also able to participate directly in the curation of the new album, called “ASSEMBLE.” In early December, everyone was invited to vote for the title track on “ASSEMBLE” using the mobile app COSMO: The Origin, developed by Web3 company Modhaus. Judging by the spending of voting token COMO, almost 60,000 people took part in the voting.

The new album consists of eight tracks by ten currently known tripleS members: SeoYeon Yoon, HyeRin Jeong, JiWoo Lee, ChaeYeon Kim, YooYeon Kim, SooMin Kim, NaKyoung Kim, YuBin Gong, Kaede and DaHyun Seo. On the eve of the first such innovative musical release, the members of tripleS joined a live fan party hosted by Modhaus at Discord, which was also a first in the K-pop scene.

According to Web3 project representatives, in particular Modhaus CEO Jaden Jeong, the level of fan service delivered through “ASSEMBLE” is unprecedented and further validates the belief that a fan-centric system is the future of the entertainment industry. Modhaus and tripleS plan to further enhance communication and increase fan engagement in the creative process of the collective, primarily using blockchain and Web3 technologies.

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