Lead SHIB Developer Adds Optimism to Shiba Inu Army on Shibarium Launch

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Yuri Molchan

Person calling himself Shytoshi Kusama has addressed SHIB army and ‘Shiba Wings’ regarding upcoming Shibarium launch


The pseudonymous lead developer of the popular Shiba Inu meme coin, the second largest one in terms of market capitalization value, has posted a tweet that provoked a lot of positive responses from the SHIB army.

His tweet was about Shibarium, while “Shiba Wings” diner is setting up SHIB-themed décor.

“Wen Shibarium?” Shytoshi says

Kusama has commented on a January tweet from Australian restaurant “Shiba Wings,” which accepts SHIB as payment for meals. Back then, the diner was preparing to open and posted a short video of the place being decorated inside in SHIB-style.

In response to that adoption milestone, Kusama “dropped a line,” tweeting what he usually gets asked by SHIB fans, namely “wen Shibarium?” as if hinting that when the Layer-2 protocol is launched, things will get better for all SHIB adopters.

Positive sentiment, despite lack of particular Shibarium release date

In response, predictably, Shytoshi got manifold tweets, where people mirrored this question or began poking fun at the lead developer, saying that it will be “soon,” the answer he has been using for the past several months when asked about the date of Shibarium release.

Overall, the sentiment regarding the upcoming launch of the Layer-2 solution for the Shiba Inu network seems to be positive despite the fact that the other day, Kusama refused to name any particular date for the launch, stating that he does not have one, and the launch does not happen “by a switch.”

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