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A grill, grills, sears, and cooks your food, while a smoker, well, smokes your food. Typically, they are two separate appliances, but sometimes amongst the best grill deals out there, you can find a great system that offers both and much more. Indoor grill vs. outdoor grill, honestly, the debate is less intense if you have the space, especially outdoors. And if you do have the space, you’re going to want to pay attention to this next deal, because Woot! is offering the Traeger Ironwood 650 smart wood pellet grill and smoker, complete with WiFi connectivity, for about $300 off. Normally $1,300, you can grab it over the next few days for just $1,000. Trust us when we say grill-masters, this is the one.

Why You Should Buy the Traeger Ironwood 650 Smart Grill and Smoker

This wood-pellet grill means you’ll never have to worry about gas or charcoal again. It also delivers a wood-fired taste to food, including veggies, that’s absolutely phenomenal. If you’ve never tasted it before you’re about to experience magic. But also, it’s a versatile barbecue cooking and smoking option, that you can use to smoke, bake, grill, roast, braise, and barbecue foods. A porcelain grill grate makes it super easy to clean up after you’re done too, even with messier meals. The Traeger Ironwood 850 made it on our list of the best smart grills and smokers, and it’s not too far removed from the 650 in terms of features and functionality.

But what the heck is a smart grill anyway? Why would you want WiFi in a grill? Is a smart grill worth it? We hear you, but the connected home technology does make a huge difference here. Through the Traeger app, you can control the grill from anywhere, and you can even use Alexa to fire it up with voice commands. You can also monitor food that’s cooking, adjust temperatures, and reference thousands of cooking recipes all from within the mobile app. You’ll receive alerts when the wood pellets are low too, so you can make sure you never run out.

As for grilling, the digital D2 controller makes setting temperatures super easy even without the smart connectivity. You can adjust temperatures in increments of 5-degrees Fahrenheit, and it takes just minutes to heat up from cool when you’re firing it up for the first time. Some extra features include a meat probe, that comes with the grill, all-terrain wheels with locks, grill tool hooks to store your gear, and a dual-position smoke and sear bottom grate with a downdraft exhaust for ventilation.

Check this out though. Normally $1,300, the Traeger Ironwood 650 Smart Pellet Grill and Smoker is yours for just $1,000 through Woot! for the next few days. That’s a major savings of $300, and shipping is fulfilled by Amazon. Hurry, the deal won’t last long and if they sell out before it’s over, that means no more discount!

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