Jung Kook May Be Headed For Two Billboard Hits…Before His New Single Drops

Just a few days ago, Jung Kook, one of the seven members of the band BTS, announced that he has a new single on the way, and now the anticipation surrounding his upcoming release seems to be reaching fever pitch among his dedicated fanbase. Surprisingly, even before the new song is officially released, the singer’s fans are flocking to purchase his previous releases in droves, potentially propelling him to another hit (or two).

At the time of publishing, Jung Kook occupies the top two spots on the iTunes chart, but interestingly, it’s not with new releases. Instead, it is his older cuts, “Still With You” and “My You,” that have taken the Nos. 1 and 2 positions, respectively.

While it’s not uncommon for one of the BTS members to reach the top spot on iTunes or sell songs in large numbers, Jung Kook’s current success is unexpected and certainly noteworthy. The fact that his previously released tracks are soaring to the top of the charts demonstrates the unwavering support of his loyal fanbase and their interest in his older releases.

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“My You” was originally released in June 2022 as part of BTS’s nine-year anniversary celebrations. “Still With You” was released two years prior and served as a solo song within the band’s annual reflection on their accomplishments as well as a glimpse into their future endeavors as a septet.

Neither of these tracks made a significant commercial impact upon their initial release. This was primarily due to the fact that they were not marketed as singles and were not available for streaming or purchase in most ways. This has changed as of July 3, as Jung Kook has made them available on all major platforms for the first time. In response, fans have flocked to purchase and stream these songs, causing a surge in their popularity.

While it is still early days for both “My You” and “Still With You,” the possibility of them debuting on several Billboard charts is highly likely in the coming days. This will largely depend on the continued support of fans, who have demonstrated their enthusiasm by purchasing the songs in substantial numbers. With the potential for multiple chart hits, Jung Kook is poised for a string of successes before the release of his highly anticipated new solo single, “Seven,” slated to drop on July 14.

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