Inside Lawless Beauty’s Beauty Bar At Rancho Valencia’s Resort And Spa

Lawless Beauty, known for its toxic-free, clinically proven and high-performing makeup, has opened a Lawless Beauty Bar inside of Rancho Valencia’s award-winning spa. The Lawless Beauty Bar offers a hybrid of exclusive retail meets a full-service makeup bar. This model gives consumers a new way to test, try and fully experiencing the brand.

“The decision was really two-prong to open the Lawless Beauty Bar. It started when Rancho Valencia was redoing the spa and was evaluating what was missing for their consumer. Their specific consumer not only value clean ingredients but also enjoy higher-end products will full coverage. Additionally, there was a big request for travelers who may have forgotten their makeup or want to get their makeup done with high-performing products before an event or a night out. Rancho Valencia, also, has local members that enjoy the spa and gym amenities so they tend to get ready at the facilities instead of going back home. So having the option to pick up eyeliner to have their makeup done before dinner adds a convenient perk. The synergy between the Lawless and Rancho Valencia consumers was very aligned so it made sense to build this experience inside the resort,” shared Annie Lawless, CEO and founder of Lawless.

Even though Lawless Beauty is available at Sephora’s nationwide, the brand has been able to to train their makeup artists and experts in a much more robust way giving the customer a more intimate experience. “This gave us a chance to make it our own little store. We can own it, we can service it and we can train. It feels like it’s a really good connection to people in an intimate setting that they may not get if they’re going to one of the bigger retailers. Because it’s really difficult to have somebody dedicated to one brand in that setting when there’s hundreds of brands. Totally. I think for someone that is new to the brand that wants to learn more they can really hear the story and understand the product in a much more intimate way,” shared Lawless. Additionally, Lawless Beauty’s exclusive releases that typically only live on are available for testing and purchase at the beauty bar.

In undergoing The Spa renovation in 2020, there was significant research that went into the product lines we wanted to partner with in our Salon opening. It has always been important for us to choose lines that cannot be found everywhere. A few things stood out to us when partnering with Lawless Beauty: A clean product line with high-performance long-wearing results and an added bonus that it’s a local company!” exclaimed Lauren Williams, Rancho Valencia’s Spa Director. “The feedback has been very positive to have a product line that focuses on clean formulations. Our members are very conscious of the ingredients they consume whether that’s through food or through skincare and makeup.”

Lawless prides itself in clean formulations that provide a red carpet style of makeup. “The response has been overwhelmingly positive. I think the biggest thing that I’ve heard is “thank you, it’s so nice to be able to get my makeup done while I am here.” and how unique of a concept it is to have this dedicated set up inside of a hotel,” added Lawless. While brand integrations with resorts or hotels are becoming more popular, a permanent experience gives the brand an additional touchpoint for attracting new customers.

Lawless Beauty continues to expand it’s product line recently adding Summer Skin Vacation Glow Multi-Sticks, The Watermelon Collection, Talc-Free Skin Smoothing Perfecting Powder and Lavender Collection. In addition to Sephora and the Beauty Bar, Lawless has found major success on QVC. No matter where Lawless is sold, the mission stays the same: connecting with consumers who value clean, full coverage makeup with proven ingredients.

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