How to get a Samsung Galaxy S23 for free

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Samsung fans across the world are eagerly waiting to get their hands on the newest iteration of the Galaxy smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy 23, S23+ and S23 Ultra were announced at the Samsung Unpacked Event on February 1, after being heavily rumored for months. The devices are shipping from most retailers on February 17, and you can pre-order them right now. There are several ways to get the device for free. Your options will depend on the phone carrier you have, which model you want and if you currently have a phone worth trading in. Read on for a list of all your options.

How to get the Samsung Galaxy S23 for free

The newest generation of Samsung’s flagship phone offers a lot of new and upgraded features. We loved the Galaxy S23 and S23+ in our pre-launch hands-on review. On paper they’ve only gotten a slight upgrade in specs, but once they’re in your hand, they impress. The biggest upgrade comes in the form of the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, which gives the phone a snappier response and allows you to use more apps at once without dragging the phone down. Unfortunately there isn’t currently a way to get the S23 Ultra for free, so we won’t dive into that phone. Suffice it to say the S23 Ultra is also an impressive device.

If you’ve decided you want the S23 or S23+, or if ‘free’ is just too good a price to pass up, read on for your best options.


T-Mobile offers several unique ways to get the S23 and S23+ for free, but you have to be a Magenta MAX member. The offers are unique, including a trade-in option to get $1,000 of credit, enough to cover the cost of the S23 or S23+. You’ll also get a free storage upgrade.

  • Samsung Galaxy S23: Free on Magenta Max if you get a new line or have an eligible trade-in —
  • Samsung Galaxy S23+: Free with eligible trade-ins on Magenta MAX —


AT&T is offering the S23 and S23+ for free when you trade in an eligible device. How much you save will depend on the device you trade-in. Just fill out information on your current device when you pre-order the S23, and AT&T will send you a trade-in kit once you receive the new phone. When you pre-order now, AT&T will upgrade your device’s memory for free; the S23 will go from 128GB to 256GB, and the S23+ will go from 256GB to 512GB, absolutely free.

  • Samsung Galaxy S23: $0 with eligible trade-in —
  • Samsung Galaxy S23+: $0 with eligible trade-in —


Verizon offers up to $800 in trade-in credit, which is enough to get the S23 for free. You could also get a free Galaxy Watch5 or Galaxy Tab S7 or FE, as a bonus.

  • Samsung Galaxy S23: Free after $800 in trade-in credit —

Best Buy

Best Buy is currently the only retailer offering an unlocked version of the S23 and S23+ for free. If you don’t want your phone tied to your service plan, these Best Buy trade-ins are your only option. What phone you trade in will determine how much you save, with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max and Apple iPhone 14 Pro holding the highest trade-in value.

  • Samsung Galaxy S23: $0 with eligible trade-in —
  • Samsung Galaxy S23+: $0 with eligible trade-in —

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