How to fix dark footage on Ring Video Doorbell [wafact]

Ring Video Doorbells are built to last for years, but every so often you’ll encounter various hiccups that impact their performance. One common issue you may encounter is footage that is much darker than expected. This can happen both during the day or at night, and it’s possible that the Color Night Vision setting is the culprit.

Thankfully, the problem is often remarkably easy to solve. Here’s a look at how to fix dark footage on your Ring Video Doorbell.

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How to fix dark footage on Ring Video Doorbell

One of the first things to check when your Ring Video Doorbell is recording dark footage is your video settings. Here’s how to find the video settings on your Ring doorbell.

Step 1: Open the Ring smartphone app.

Step 2: Select the Devices option from the menu.

Step 3: Pick the device that’s providing dark footage.

Step 4: Select Device Settings.

Step 5: Select Video Settings.

Step 6: Here, you can modify different settings depending on your device. Try modifying the Color Night Vision setting if your dark footage is being filmed at night.

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Reboot your Ring Video Doorbell

If tinkering with the video options doesn’t work, your next best bet is a device reboot. Thankfully, this won’t remove any of your settings. Instead, it’s much like unplugging the doorbell then plugging it back in. Rebooting your Ring Video Doorbell can be done from your smartphone app, and it often clears up any performance hiccups – including dark footage.

Here’s how to reboot your Ring Video Doorbell.

Step 1: Open the Ring smartphone app.

Step 2: Navigate to the Devices section of the menu.

Step 3: Select the device that’s giving you trouble.

Step 4: Select Device Health.

Step 5: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Reboot This Device.

Step 6: Wait a few minutes, and the doorbell will automatically reconnect to your network.

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