Hoskinson Defends Cardano Progress Against Online Criticism wafact

  • Charles Hoskinson engages critic doubting Cardano development roadmap on social media.
  • Hoskinson refutes claims Hydra being abandoned, says it and Mithril actively evolving.
  • Dismisses attacker as “maxi mind” jealous of Cardano’s progress despite Ethereum limitations.

Charles Hoskinson, founder of blockchain platform Cardano, recently engaged with an online detractor who criticized the network’s development roadmap. In a series of posts, Hoskinson defended Cardano’s ongoing work on key upgrades like Hydra and Mithril.

The interaction occurred on social media platform X, where a user made several predictions meant to undermine Cardano’s technical direction. They speculated that Hoskinson would soon abandon work on scaling solution Hydra while pivoting to other tools like input endorsers.

Cardano’s Hoskinson defends Hydra

However, Hoskinson firmly rejected this, stating that both Hydra and Mithril are actively being implemented and improved. He specifically cited Hydra’s mainnet launch and Mitrhil’s role in enabling light clients and delegation mechanisms.

The critic also accused Hoskinson of copying Ethereum, a platform he co-founded, while harboring animosity toward the project. In response, Hoskinson pointed out Ethereum’s own limitations around consensus and programming that Cardano aims to solve.

“We are living rent free in the maxi minds. I pity them,” concluded Hoskinson, referring to extremists who zealously favor one blockchain above all others.

The heated but relatively civil debate exemplifies how Hoskinson actively engages with Cardano supporters and detractors alike via social media. Fans appreciate his transparency and commitment to rational dialogue.

However, Hoskinson’s direct style can be off-putting to some. Either way, Cardano’s growing community of developers and users continues steadily building out the network, cementing its status as a top blockchain protocol.

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