Hope.money (HOPE) Attempts to Bridge DeFi to CeFi and TradFi, Here’s How wafact

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Unique stablecoin project Hope.money (HOPE) has released its three-phase roadmap with various end-user products and liquidity instruments


With a new ambitious multi-product roadmap, Hope.money (HOPE) is set to evolve into a full-stack decentralized machine powered by various implementations of blockchain technology. Its design employs all major developments of the modern Web3 segment: stablecoins, decentralized governance, DeFi and on-chain lending.

Hope.money launches governance token, swap instrument and lending protocol

Hope.money, a conglomerate of on-chain digital assets instruments backed by the distributed stablecoin HOPE and shares the details of its new roadmap. Its three phases are focused on reaching global adoption and dominance in the multi-function DeFi sphere. According to its team, the protocol is to become a useful bridge between the scenes of DeFi, CeFi and TradFi.

The inaugural phase of Hope.money’s new roadmap includes the launch of the HOPE stablecoin alongside the governance token, LT. In this ecosystem, the governance token is not only used in referendums on protocol upgrades, but it also incentivizes user participation in ecosystem development.

Besides that, the protocol’s team is going to release HopeSwap, an Ethereum-based non-custodial exchange protocol, and a decentralized, fully on-chain lending machine, HopeLend. Later, Hope.money’s team is going to launch HopeConnect, a dual-layer app that encompasses two main applications, namely HopeCard and Nebula. While HopeCard is designed to be a secure and fast on-ramp for fiat assets, Nebula will serve as decentralized prime brokerage tool.

As a result, HopeConnect will be activated as the venture’s on-chain custody, clearing and settlement solution for institutions of various size.

HopeChain network launch is on the menu

Flex Yang, founder of Hope.money, is excited by the vision of the protocol, its mission and the progress its team has accomplished so far.

Hope.money is not just about creating a stablecoin, it’s about redefining money for generations to come. With a clear roadmap and a vision to bridge the DeFi, CeFi and TradFi worlds, our team is completely determined to make HOPE a universally recognized and adopted form of currency

Hope.money scored a long-term strategic collaboration with Cobo, a tier-1 digital asset custody solution to provide users with improved yield opportunities and enhance capital efficiency and the decentralization of Hope.money’s reserve network. Last but not least, the team of Hope.money is going to accelerate its efforts toward launching its own blockchain. HopeChain will work together with SuperApp which will coordinate all the services of its ecosystem.

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