DOGE Founder Reveals His Favorite Cryptos, And Here’s Which Coins He Dislikes wafact

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One of two creators of Dogecoin has named which cryptocurrencies he favors and which he does not


Billy Markus, who created the most popular meme coin DOGE together with Jackson Palmer as a side project within several hours and launched it in 2013, has taken to X app to share his taste in crypto as he named the coins he particularly likes and dislikes.

Besides, Markus shed light on what Dogecoin actually is technically in the crypto world. He also shared his number one rule in dealing with cryptocurrencies — “my #1 rule of crypto is never put more money into it than you’re willing to burn in a fire.”

Billy Markus’s crypto likes and dislikes

The cofounder of Dogecoin confessed that he likes the major currencies, naming Bitcoin and Ethereum in particular. As for DOGE, he said, it is “just Bitcoin in a dog suit.”

The coins Billy Markus does not like, according to his comment to his own X post, are those based on Ethereum — “I don’t like basically any erc-20 token,” he wrote.

Earlier, Markus wrote that he owned Ethereum and had to sell some of it at a loss in order to pay his taxes at the end of the year. As for crypto investing in general, he several times stated that he believes it to be nothing but gambling. He has adopted the same attitude toward NFT.

Still, he does not plan to join the DOGE team or create any other digital currency, such as Dogecoin 2.0.

Half billion DOGE bought on big dip

Over the past 24 hours, the leading meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin has lost more than 12%, with a slight recovery following this plunge. At the time of this writing, the meme token is changing hands at $0.0626.

As the price plummeted, two anonymous whales withdrew roughly half a billion Dogecoin, from Binance and from Robinhood. Those transfers carried an eye-popping 308,390,532 DOGE (moved from Binance) and a staggering 129,673,539 DOGE (Robinhood app).

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