Does Blue Beetle have a post-credits scene? [wafact]

Blue Beetle unleashes his wings in a still from Blue Beetle.
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Since Iron Man arrived in 2008, superhero movies have usually featured a mid-credits scene, a post-credits scene, or both. It’s become a tradition for superhero flicks, although there are still a few films that try to ignore that expectation. Without giving too much away, Blue Beetle does embrace the superhero tradition. And the scene in question sets up a potential sequel that could completely upend the life of the new Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes (Xolo Maridueña), as well as the film’s secondary protagonist, Jenny Kord  (Bruna Marquezine).

So the short answer is “yes,” you should stick around when the credits roll on Blue Beetle. But you may not want to stay all the way to the very end of the credits, and we can explain why.

Warning: There are full spoilers ahead for Blue Beetle!

Does Blue Beetle have a post-credits scene?

Jaime and Jenny in Ted Kord's Blue Beetle cave.
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Yes, it has two, actually. But only the mid-credits scene is really important. Earlier in the movie, Jenny took Jaime to the lair of her missing and presumed dead father, Ted Kord. Jenny also reveals to Jaime and his uncle, Rudy (George Lopez), that Ted was the second Blue Beetle. The original Blue Beetle, Dan Garrett (whose costume is in the middle of the pic above), was the first man on Earth who discovered the alien Scarab and bonded with it. Ted was never chosen to wield the Scarab, but he wasn’t deterred from becoming a hero. Instead, Ted used his scientific genius to make himself all of the gadgets that he needed as the next Blue Beetle.

The most obvious answer for Ted’s absence throughout the film is that he must have been killed by one of his enemies, or more likely by his sister, Victoria Kord. But the mid-credits scene reveals that Ted is alive, and he is now able to contact his lair because Jaime, Rudy, and Jenny turned on his old computers. Ted even specifically asks that Jenny be told that he is still living and eager to reunite with her. Beyond that, Ted’s fate is a mystery.

What happens in Blue Beetle’s final post-credits scene?

Do you remember the post-credits scene above from Spider-Man: Homecoming? Chris Evans’ Captain America lectured the audience about patience and why some things aren’t worth waiting for. That’s basically the last post-credits scene in Blue Beetle as well. Rather than deal with anything important in the story itself, the scene shows the stop-motion animation glimpsed earlier in the film of the Hispanic superhero, El Chapulín Colorado a.k.a. The Red Grasshopper. The voice of George Lopez’s Rudy can be heard reacting positively to the clip, but it doesn’t go any further than that.

Blue Beetle is now playing in theaters.

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