Did You Remember To Watch ‘The Last Of Us’ Two Days Early This Week?

I was going to write a reminder post about this yesterday, but I uh, forgot, so I figured better late than never, a gentle nudge to those who may be in the same boat.

While The Last of Us is a powerhouse for HBO with ratings continuing to go up for four weeks straight, it still did not want to go up against this Sunday’s Super Bowl. As such, the show went live last night, Friday, instead. It’s available now on HBO Max to watch if you missed it.

Episode 5, Endure and Survive, tells a bit of the backstory of the two new characters we meet, Sam and Henry, and by the end the entire Kansas City plotline is wrapped up in a very messy bow, quite like the video game sub-mission it adapted. But somehow even more brutally worse.

With the change in airtime, I’m not sure that The Last of Us will be able to increase its live viewership record for the fifth week in a row here, as just by default, I am guessing a lot of people forgot it was airing Friday or just never heard that it was in the first place. But after this, things should be back to normal. I believe one of the episodes will air during the Oscars, but I doubt it’s going to move for that.

There are nine total episodes this first season of The Last of Us, which will adapt the entirety of the first game, the first DLC attached to the game and also add other stuff the game’s didn’t have, like the entire Bill and Frank backstory episode that so far, most people could consider its best offering.

The Last of Us has already been renewed for season 2, and we’ve heard from Craig Mazin that given the length of the second game, it will likely be two seasons instead of one. And, I harbor a personal theory that Naughty Dog is working on The Last of Us Part 3 in a way that will have it out just when season 4 is ready to air in 2026 or so, but noting along those lines is confirmed as of yet. But if I had to guess, that’s where things are going.

This week’s episode is easily the most action-heavy we’ve seen so far, for those who claimed the series was moving too slow. And if you played the game and think you know where things are going, you may be in for something of a surprise. Enjoy.

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