DAO Maker (DAO) Jumps 15% as It Dives into AI Space in Unique Way, Here’s How

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DAO Maker is hosting protocol using AI tooling for generating leads

DAO Maker (DAO) is seeing impressive price action today as it is changing hands at $1.33, up 15.23% over the past 24 hours. At the current trading price, the digital currency is now up by 20.57% in the trailing seven-day period.

Despite being the native token of one of the strongest Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platforms in Web3, DAO Maker is not known for such remarkable price actions. However, the platform announced a pivot into Artificial Intelligence (AI) through IguVerse.

DAO Maker said its IguVerse is a first Strong Holder Offering (SHO) that will be raised in its ecosystem. The Strong Holder Offering is a fundraising model in which the biggest investors for a particular platform are chosen based on their level of participation.

IguVerse is a platform that connects advertisers to social media users in a bid to create value for all participants across the board. The IguVerse protocol is based on AI tools to promote generative collections. With the IguVerse SHO now underway, more participants are likely to buy more DAO tokens, thus driving the current surge.

Age of AI tokens

The new buzz surrounding AI-based platform ChatGPT from OpenAI has prompted a new frenzy of investment in associated tokens. A popular example is SingularityNET (AGIX), which topped the charts of the best-performing altcoins last week, according to reports from U.Today.

AI has been perceived as the next frontier in the evolution of digital interaction and virtual assistantships. Different emerging blockchain networks are now aligning with the core tenets of generative AI, with many looking to use it as a way to establish their mark in the emerging Web3.0 ecosystem.

DAO Maker is one of the first Ethereum-based outfits to host a protocol using generative AI, paving the way for more to come.

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