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U.Today presents its recent news digest with the hottest crypto news from the weekend, check it out!

Take a look at what happened in the world of crypto over the weekend with U.Today’s top four news stories.

Shiba Inu token LEASH gets new listing, trading volume skyrockets 913%

According to the announcement by Hong Kong-based crypto exchange, it has listed LEASH token under the USDT trading pair. The exchange enabled LEASH deposits and trading on Feb. 17 and withdrawals on Feb. 18. LEASH is not the only token from the so-called SHIB trifecta available on Last weekend, the exchange added support for another token: BoneShibaSwap (BONE). Meanwhile, LEASH saw a sudden price spike by 79% on Feb. 17, allegedly caused by a massive buy order. This was reflected in the 24-hour trading volume, which was up a whopping 913%.

Shibarium’s fast launch slowed down by this, Shytoshi Kusama says

While responding to multiple messages in his Telegram group “All Things Shibarium,” lead developer of Shiba Inu Shytoshi Kusama pointed out one of the main problems causing the delay of the release of the Layer-2 solution. Kusama wrote that the problem lies in the lack of empathy from the SHIB community, as no matter how hard and fast the developer works, there are always those who ask about the exact date or complain about a lack of information in this regard. When asked if the launch would be delayed once again, Kusama stated that it cannot be delayed since he did not set an exact date for the launch in the first place.

Bitcoin (BTC) remains best for unstable times, but there’s a catch: “Rich Dad Poor Dad” author

In a recent tweet, prominent investor and writer Robert Kiyosaki has confirmed his support for Bitcoin, as well as for gold and silver. According to Kiyosaki, he has always said that investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs was risky, but now he is about to give advice that is even more risky. The writer then wrote that he still believes that gold, silver and Bitcoin are the best assets for “unstable times,” through which we are living now. Last week, the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” author made a bold prediction about the highs the BTC price could reach by 2025. Per Kiyosaki’s prediction, Bitcoin may surge as high as the $500,000 level.

Legendary trader Peter Brandt spots major turning points on Bitcoin (BTC) chart

On Friday, Feb. 17, Twitter user @htltimor shared two Bitcoin charts, commenting on them by saying, “Bottom structures. Aren’t they interesting?” The tweet was not left unnoticed by renowned trader Peter Brandt: he replied to @htltimor, saying that the spotted patterns are called “price walls,” and those typically represent major turning points. Visually, the volume of orders forms a “wall” when graphed against the price and can be identified as price points where large volumes of buy or sell orders are set, respectively.

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