Clippers vs Warriors Live Stream: Watch the NBA for FREE

Late tonight, starting at 10 PM (EST), on Tuesday February 14th, the Golden State Warriors play against the Los Angeles Clippers. It’s sure to be an interesting match, taking place at the Arena in Los Angeles, California. Of course, if you’re not attending that game live, you’ll want a way to watch it from, well, wherever you’re going to be, whether that’s you’re home, a nearby bar or restaurant, or a friend’s house. That means you’ll want to catch the Clippers vs Warriors live stream online, through one of the many live TV providers as opposed to traditional cable TV.

Watch the Clippers vs Warriors Live Stream on Sling TV

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Luckily, there are a few options to catch the Clippers vs Warriors live stream tonight, starting with Sling TV. The game will be airing on TNT through cable TV, but if you’re watching online, Sling Orange or Sling Blue are good choices. Orange and Blue, if you don’t know, are Sling’s two primary live TV plans. Sling Orange offers access to three ESPN channels across 32 TV channels, while Sling Blue has a bevy of sports channels in its 42-channel library, including TNT. Both of those plans cost $35 per month. If you don’t want to choose between them, you can always spring for a bundle that includes both Sling Blue and Orange for $50.

Watch the Clippers vs Warriors Live Stream on FuboTV

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Our top pick for watching the Clippers vs Warriors live stream is FuboTV, because it provides access on virtually any device, and it’s super easy to sign up and start watching. But there’s another relatively unknown benefit to using it, and that’s thanks to the FuboTV free trial. If you’re a new customer, you can sign up and begin watching live TV content, including live sports and tonight’s game, for free.

Once you’re all signed up, you get access to over 100 channels of live TV content spanning a breadth of popular networks like ESPN, ABC, NBA TV, CBS, and more. If you’re a sports fan, there’s a lot to love here. FuboTV has three standard packages, starting with the $70 per month Pro plan. With that, you get the basic FuboTV experience and access to over 130 live channels. The next tier up is FuboTV Elite for $80 per month, with 4K streaming — for ultra-HD content — and over 190 channels. The highest tier is FuboTV Ultimate with 230 channels, plus Showtime, for $100 per month.

Watch the Clippers vs Warriors Live Stream on Hulu with Live TV

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Another option is Hulu, thanks to the Hulu with Live TV service. Because the Clippers vs Warriors live stream is technically being broadcast via TNT, and Hulu provides access, you can watch the game on its platform. Although there’s no official Hulu with Live TV free trial, there is an option for Hulu’s standard service — though you won’t get access to tonight’s game. So, if you’re interested in watching be sure you’re all subscribed and signed up before the opening buzzer.

Watch the Clippers vs Warriors Live Stream on YouTube with Live TV

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Similar to Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV will be broadcasting tonight’s game because it’s airing on TNT on cable TV. There is a YouTube TV free trial worth checking out if you want to test out the service before subscribing, but again, make sure you set everything up before the Clippers vs Warriors live stream kicks off tonight. You don’t want to miss any of the game’s big moments because of a technical issue.

Watch the Clippers vs Warriors live stream from abroad with a VPN

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Americans traveling abroad may quickly realized they can’t access content that would be available back home. That’s because streaming services often lock access based on where your current IP is, and if you’re located outside U.S. borders you may be blocked. There is a workaround, if you use a VPN or virtual private network.

VPN’s will assign you a new, remote IP address when you connect. So, if you’re outside the country you can get one, by connecting to a server within U.S. borders. Services like Netflix or FuboTV see you as being within the appropriate country and allow you access. We recommend NordVPN for doing this. It’s excellent, easy to use, and there is a NordVPN free trial — thanks to a 30-day money back guarantee — if you’re a new customer.

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