Children of the Corn trailer depicts the Stephen King horror

In 1984, Children of the Corn terrified audiences with blood, murder, and cornfields as children murdered the adults from their town. 39 years later, the first trailer for the reimagined Children of the Corn promises to feature that same rage and level of violence as the original.

Based on the short story by Stephen King, the new Children of the Corn follows a 12-year-old girl named Eden Edwards (Station Eleven) who becomes possessed by an evil spirit in a cornfield, causing her to revolt against the adults. Eden recruits the children of her small Nebraska town in her quest to murder all of the adults. One high school student, Boleyn Williams (Jupiter’s Legacy), opposes Eden’s plan and attempts to save the remaining adults in the town from the corn monster, “He Who Walks Behind The Rows.”

CHILDREN OF THE CORN (2023) Official Red Band Trailer

This version of Children of the Corn is considered a retelling of the 1984 film because of a few key differences. 1984’s Children of the Corn focuses on two adults (Thirtysomething’s Peter Horton and The Terminator’s Linda Hamilton) that stumble into the town and attempt to survive the murderous rage of the children led by their leader, Isaac (The Addams Family). The 2023 version pits a teenager, not an adult, up against the children and their leader Eden, not Isaac.

Children of the Corn is written and directed by Kurt Wimmer (Point Break). It’s the 11th film in the Children of the Corn franchise. The film was shot in early 2020 but remained unseen until RLJE Films and Shudder acquired distribution rights in January 2023.

A group of kids stand on a road with weapons in Children of the Corn.

Children of the Corn is available in theaters on March 3. The film will be on demand and digital on March 21.

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