Cardano Founder Takes Swipe at Ethereum Amid Staking Debate wafact

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Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, recently reignited flames of rivalry with Ethereum by commenting on its staking processes

Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, recently took a jab at Ethereum, referencing a video clip where developer Justin Drake comments about staking, “I think that part of the reason is that when you make the sausage, you know how it’s made.”

The colloquialism, alluding to the undesirable aspects of sausage-making, was interpreted by some to be an honest dig at the murky processes behind Ethereum staking.

As reported by U.Today, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin previously explained that his apprehensions about staking his Ether revolve around security and operational complications.

He highlighted that staking Ethereum requires public visibility of user’s keys, which subsequently raises safety red flags. The utilization of multi-signature (multi-sig) wallets, while enhancing security, adds a layer of complexity.

With Buterin’s considerable wealth, estimated between $1.46-$1.5 billion, the challenge of managing and ensuring the safety of multiple wallets becomes evident. Despite these concerns, Buterin’s “small bit” in staking could still represent a substantial sum, considering his estimated wealth.

Hoskinson’s jab at Ethereum is not an isolated event; it adds to a history of critiques aimed at the platform. Previously, he labeled Ethereum as “a dumpster fire” and even predicted its potential decline, likening it to the eventual obsolescence of earlier internet platforms.

In a bolder prediction, Hoskinson hinted at the possibility of Ethereum transitioning to the Cardano platform in the future, emphasizing Cardano’s promise of enhanced speed, cost-efficiency and user volume.

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