Cardano (ADA) Primed for Rebound Based on This Key Factor

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Godfrey Benjamin

Cardano’s advanced decentralized staking model is receiving industry accolades

Cardano (ADA) is among the biggest losers today as the broader crypto ecosystem is experiencing a major downtrend following regulatory uncertainty in the U.S. The digital currency is changing hands at $0.3615, down by 6.45%, a price trend that has pushed its weekly losses beyond 10%.

Despite the current outlook, the good news is that the trend is an encompassing one. However, there is very unique sentiment going on on Crypto Twitter concerning the digital currency that might help it record a fast recovery in its price. Many proponents are beginning to tout the advanced decentralization nature of Cardano, extending to its staking programs as a model to watch out for.

The crackdown on Kraken and SEC Chairman Gary Gensler’s stance on Ethereum’s proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus has further highlighted the dangers of centralization. With the positivity being shared by proponents, Cardano may see additional adoption from buyers across the board in the short term.

It remains unclear how the SEC will interpret or expand its new staking enforcement actions, however, the Cardano staking model has been positioned as a viable one for users in different jurisdictions.

Confluence of ecosystem potential

Cardano is a PoS protocol that was carefully designed to offer scalability and advanced use cases of modern blockchain technology.

Drawing on this technological superiority and the influence of its founder Charles Hoskinson in the broader crypto ecosystem, new projects launching on the network have been hitting remarkable new milestones.

The DJED stablecoin is a major example, as the overcollateralized stablecoin topped the charts for attracting new Cardano coins into its vault ahead of other protocols. The Cardano blockchain is also seeing a positive confluence of ecosystem potential as its latest algorithmic stablecoin USDP has been teased for release in the next few weeks.

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