Canto’s (CANTO) Contract Secured Revenue Tool Surprisingly Comes to Optimism (OP)

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Here’s how Optimism (OP) is going to change game in dApps building


The Contract Secured Revenue scheme, or CSR, is among the most trending “killing features” of Canto (CANTO), a first major L1 that rallied in 2023. Here’s how Optimism (OP), a top Ethereum scaler, is going to implement this functionality.

Optimism (OP) introduces OP Stack, unique L3 mechanism

Today, Feb. 13, 2023, Kelvin Fichter, a developer of Optimism (OP), shared the details of OP Stack, an entirely new scaling mechanism that can go live soon in the Optimism (OP) ecosystem.

The idea is powered by the concept of Contract Secured Revenue (CSR), a mechanism that allows the creator of a smart contract to earn part of its transactional fees. In Optimism, Fichter says, it can be realized in the form of OP Stack, a Layer-3 chain on the top of Optimism (OP) and Ethereum (ETH).

In this mechanism, Optimism (OP) mainnet will act as a data availability layer. Developers will be able to withdraw their CSR rewards directly to Optimism (OP) accounts.

OP Stack (CSR chain) will only track transactions to “report” gas usage for this or that smart contract. Mr. Fichter is excited by the simplicity and performance of the upcoming tool:

This is essentially creating an indexer AS AN L3 ON OPTIMISM MAINNET. And better yet, THE ENTIRE THING IS FAULT PROVABLE.

At the same time, he admits that Contract Secured Revenue (CSR) itself is still in its infancy, and its impact is yet to be seen.

Toward “really smart smart contracts”

Besides advanced scaling and decentralization, OP Stack paves the way for the variety of economic concepts in DeFi, the Optimism (OP) dev says. For instance, its users will be able to reward the customers of their smart contracts or just index necessary data.

In the coming week, the Optimism (OP) team will release documents for the pioneers of CSR in Optimism (OP). Mr. Fichter invited them to try building the “first really smart smart contracts” on a major Ethereum-based blockchain.

As covered by U.Today previously, the activation of CSR allowed Canto (CANTO) blockchain to rally by 720% in January with no foundation and no VC backing.

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