BoF LIVE | The New Statement Shoe: Reimagining Designer Footwear

A palpable shift is transforming the designer shoe landscape. Consumers worldwide, returning to special events post-Covid, increasingly want bold and embellished statement shoes. Yet many don’t want to relinquish the comfort they enjoyed in their pandemic-era footwear, when the sales of shoes like clogs, mules and slippers boomed. Shoe brands are taking note of the twin desires for novelty and comfort as they seek greater market share in a category that is outpacing pre-pandemic growth rates.

In the latest #BoFLIVE, BoF’s director of research and analysis, Diana Lee, and associate director, Rawan Maki, are joined by Giorgio Sarné, chief executive of Stuart Weitzman, and Rachel Makar, director of accessories at StockX to discuss the most recent report from BoF Insights, “The New Statement Shoe: Reimagining Designer Footwear.”

During that conversation, the panellists discussed the impact high-net-worth individuals in the US, UK and China have on the designer shoe market and how labels can communicate with these consumers.

“To be successful, one must stay focused on house codes and the DNA that makes you unique,” said Sarné. “Of course, we want to acquire new customers, but we have to do everything we can to amplify our strengths and keep everyone coming back.”

This #BoFLIVE event was based on ‘The New Statement Shoe: Reimagining Designer Footwear’ by BoF Insights. Click here to read the full analysis.

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