Best 65-inch TV deals: 4K, QLED and OLED TVs on sale [wafact]

If you’re looking for a new centerpiece for your home theater, a 65-inch TV is a fantastic starting point. It’s a big screen, likely bigger than you’re imagining it, but it can also be ignored when it’s not on. No need to dedicate an entire wall to a 65-inch TV. Assuming you’ve decided on a 65-inch after checking out our TV sizing guide, let’s jump into it. This list includes all different types of 4K TVs, from standard LED to QLED and OLED. It pulls from top-quality brands like Samsung and LG, as well as more budget-minded manufacturers like Hisense and TCL. Most importantly, they’re all on sale.

Insignia F30 Series 4K TV — $342, was $380

The Insignia F30 Series 4K TV mounted on a wall with the Fire TV interface on the screen.

The Insignia F30 4K Smart TV has everything on the stat sheet when it comes to an affordable TV, and is a serious consideration if you’re looking for something that can compete with the best 4K TVs for under $500. It has a stunning 4K resolution picture, and HDR technology provides a wide range of color details and sharp contrast. This makes movies more immersive and sports more impactful. It also has a range of connectivity ports that make it easy to connect home theater peripherals. And, being a Smart TV, it has modern features like Alexa voice control, DTS Studio Sound, and Apple AirPlay. With the Insignia F30 4K Smart TV also being a Fire TV, it gets you instant access to over 500,000 streaming movies and TV episodes, and access to thousands of channels and apps, including Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+, Hulu, Prime Video, and more.

Toshiba C350 Series 4K TV — $350, was $530

Toshiba 55-inch-class C350 series 4K smart Fire TV on a gray shelf and light gray background.

The Toshiba C350 is a great budget 4K TV. It runs at Ultra HD, so you get 2160p. That’s the standard for most TVs these days, so you know you’ll be seeing the highest quality possible when you stream content from Netflix, Disney+, Max and more. Speaking of streaming, this TV has built-in smart technology powered by Fire TV, so you can log right into your preferred streaming sites without the need for a streaming stick or an external device like a gaming console. If you are a gamer, rest assured the C350 can keep up. It has a 60Hz refresh rate and can do motion enhancement to 120 fps if you’re so inclined.

Vizio V-Series 4K TV — $398, was $528

The Vizio 4K LED Smart TV against a white background.

Vizio has long been a staple for cheap 4K TVs. Vizio’s V-Series steps up the game a little bit, elevating it above the bare minimum requirements for a 4K TV. Of course, it does get you 4K UHD, so don’t worry about that. Beyond that, it also has Dolby Vision and HDR10+, which will maximize contrast and brightness to give you an incredibly vivid picture. The whole TV has full array LED backlights, so your picture will be lit evenly throughout. The processor in this TV has some power, something you might not even know you needed to consider. It has Vizio’s IQ Active 4K HDR, which can upscale content into 4K. Gamers will appreciate the V-Gaming Engine, which switches the TV to a low-lag mode.

Hisense A6 Series 4K TV — $400, was $470

Front angle of the Hisense A6 Series 4K smart TV.

Hisense is another great option for budget TVs. This TV has the standard 4K pixels, plus the ability to run Dolby Vision and HDR10. It has a lot of fancy modes you can play with, including Game Mode Plus, which optimizes your game experience by lowering latency and reaching a variable refresh rate of 60Hz. Sports mode automatically smooths motion and adjusts color, so you’ll never lose track of the ball during quick action. The whole TV is powered by Google smart tech, so you can access all your apps without a streaming stick or external device.

LG 65UQ7070 4K UHD — $458, was $558

The LG 70-inch 4K Smart TV against a white background.

The standout feature of this LG TV is its α5 Gen5 AI Processor 4K. This processor helps upscale content into 4K, so you can watch any show from any decade and know you’re getting the highest resolution possible. It’s a smart TV, so all of your apps can be run right from the TV. It’s capable of HDR, so you can watch Blu-ray movies and stream current-gen games at their highest quality. It comes with tons of built-in LG channels, so you can stream free content if there’s nothing you want on Netflix, Max or Hulu.

LG UQ7570 Series 4K TV — $477, was $630

The LG 50-inch UQ75 4K Smart TV against a white background.

LG is becoming a staple on this list! This LG UQ7570 4K TV has all the perks of the previous models, like the α5 Gen6 AI Processor (one gen better than the UQ7070 above). This allows for 4K upscaling and enhanced picture modes. Gamers will enjoy this TV for a lot of reasons. To start, it has a Games Dashboard that lets you adjust all of your gaming picture settings in one location. On top of that, it’s equipped with the ability to run cloud gaming, meaning you can stream your games straight to the TV from your Xbox.

TCL Q7 Q-Class 4K QLED TV — $800, was $1,000

TCL Q Class Q7 QLED 4K TV.

TCL makes fantastic budget TVs. They’re great buys even when they’re not on sale. This is our first QLED TV on the list, QLED TV’s use a separate panel inside of them to inside the colors and brightness of everything you watch. The color is the most important part here. QLED TVs are able to show you over one billion different colors. This TV has several localized lighting zones. This is an accurate way to light LEDs, meaning dark areas can be completely black. Of course it has HDR10 and smart TV abilities too.

Samsung The Frame 4K TV — $1,800, was $2,000

Samsung 2022 The Frame 4K TV.

Samsung’s The Frame TV brings the level of impressive picture quality you’d expect to find in many of the best QLED TVs to your home theater at a great price. QLED and OLED are two of the premier picture technologies available right now, so this TV makes a great option if that’s what you’re after. It’s also a unique TV, as it’s designed to resemble art hanging on the wall, and its minimalist design will fit into any home theater or living room environment. It even has an Art Mode that can display artwork when you aren’t watching TV. You can curate your own photos and art or choose artwork from the Art Store, which has more than 1,400 new and classic works of art to choose from. This TV is the minimalist’s dream, as it has changeable bezels that attach magnetically, and a single slim cable is all the TV needs.

LG B2 OLED 4K TV — $1,500, was $2,300

Playing video games on the LG B2 4K OLED Smart TV.

Ah, our first OLED TV, and from a quality brand link LG. If you’re not familiar with OLED technology, you’ll want to check one out. They have self lighting pixels, meaning every tiny dot of color on your TV is perfectly lit, and can be turned off if it’s not needed. That leads to perfect blacks and vivid colors. The B2 uses the α7 Gen5 AI Processor 4K, so you’ll get a quality picture and upscaling on older content. This TV has Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos capabilities, plus Filmmaker Mode, so you can see movie theater quality content the way Hollywood intended.

LG C2 Series OLED evo 4K TV — $1,600, was $1,899

The LG C2 Series OLED evo 4K TV against a white background.

While many of the best TVs focus on delivering an immersive experience when watching TV, the LG C2 Series OLED eco 4K TV also delivers when it comes to participating in it. Gamers will love this TV, as it has NVIDIA G-Sync technology built in, as well as AMD FreeSync Premium and LG Game Optimizer. It also has four HDMI 2.1 ports for connecting consoles and other external components like Blu-Ray players. This is a TV for everyone, however, as it produces a top notch 4K image utilizing OLED picture technology. Movie lovers will love the Filmmaker Mode, which uses Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos to create an ultimate home theater experience, and binge watchers will love the immediate built-in access to streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV+, and Disney+, among many others.

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