Apple Rumored to Reveal ‘Several’ New Macs at WWDC [wafact]

Predictions for Apple’s WWDC keynote continue to roll in, with Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman anticipating that company will announce “several new” Mac models during the event. In a tweet on Wednesday, Gurman reiterated that in addition to launching a fresh set of computers, the tech giant will also unveil a mixed reality headset and a new version of its operating system. It’s the latest among the rumored reveals for Apple’s developer conference that kicks off on June 5.

Gurman previously pointed out that on June 5, Apple will begin accepting trade-ins for the Mac Studio, 13-inch MacBook Air‌ (with M2) and the 13-inch ‌‌MacBook Pro (M2), which may help support his latest prediction.

While it is expected that company will introduce a 15-inch MacBook Air, it is still unclear which other models may be joining the Apple lineup, though some rumors have hinted at a new Mac Pro. The Mac Pro and Mac Studio still operate with M1 chips, leading to speculation that both may finally get an upgrade. New models are expected to be powered by the M2 chip, which provides twice the speed of its predecessor, a longer battery life, better connectivity and 8K capabilities.

Earlier this month, Gurman noted in his Power On newsletter that the arrival of an M3 chip may be imminent in new Apple computers, with the possibility of the upgraded tech landing in late 2023 or early 2024.

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