Ancient Ethereum (ETH) Address Suddenly Wakes Up

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Alex Dovbnya

A long-dormant Ethereum (ETH) address containing 100 ETH (valued at approximately $149,980) has been suddenly activated after more than seven years

In a recent development, an Ethereum (ETH) address that had been dormant for over seven years suddenly came to life, containing 100 ETH (approximately $149,980).

The transaction details provided by Whale Alert show that the address was activated approximately 2 hours and 53 minutes ago, with a fee of 0.00033502177254 ETH ($0.50 USD).

The sudden activation of the dormant address has sparked various reactions from the cryptocurrency community on Twitter. Some believe that the owner of the address may be planning to stake the ETH, while others think that this may be the start of many more dormant addresses getting reactivated.

Some users on Twitter expressed concern about the sudden activation of the dormant address. User @nawttrolling tweeted, “Time to sell,” while others speculated that the sudden activation could be a sign of a market correction or manipulation.

It’s not uncommon for dormant addresses to suddenly wake up after many years. In most cases, these addresses belong to early adopters who had lost interest in the cryptocurrency or had forgotten about their holdings. As the value of cryptocurrencies increases, these holders may become interested again and decide to sell or use their assets.

The sudden activation of the address has sparked excitement in the cryptocurrency community. While the reasons behind the activation are unknown, it’s a reminder that cryptocurrency holders should always keep track of their assets to avoid forgetting about them.

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