Ahead of Valentine’s Day, These Are the Top Searched Date Night Ideas on Google

For Valentine’s Day, Google is highlighting search trends related to the romantic holiday — whether you love it or hate it. Searches for “date night ideas” spiked this year leading up to Feb. 14, Google said in a blog post, though the most searched activities varied by state. 

Escape rooms were a top searched activity in seven states, though people in Idaho are apparently more interested in rage rooms. Movies and mini golf are top date options in many states, but the slightly more adventurous ax throwing was trending in Connecticut and Michigan. 

When it comes to bouquets, Google said searches for “flower bouquet” remain a top search ahead of the holiday but the second spot goes to the more meaty “beef jerky bouquet.” 

The search giant also said searches for “heart-shaped pizza” spike every February in the US, along with tasty treats like “heart-shaped cake,” “heart-shaped pasta” and “heart-shaped taco platter.”

Not everyone is looking forward to Valentine’s Day though. “‘When to break up’ gets three times more searches than ‘when to propose,'” Google said. 

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