6 Questions for Simon Davis of Mighty Bear Games By Cointelegraph

6 Questions for Simon Davis of Mighty Bear Games

Simon Davis is the co-founder and CEO of Mighty Bear Games, a multiplatform game developer in Southeast Asia creating accessible multiplayer experiences in Web3.

Davis has spent almost two decades working in the gaming industry, but he never planned to actually work in this field.

Before crypto, he was a professional guitarist who made ends meet by playing in metal bands and cover bands and by teaching guitar. But after his money dried up one summer, he scored a six-week gig as a professional game tester and he’s never looked back.

Davis ever-growing guitar collection. (Simon Davis)

Why the pivot to blockchain gaming?

What format do you think serves as the best way to attract users to blockchain gaming?

The Mighty Bear Games team. (Simon Davis)

What do you think the current hurdles are for large-scale blockchain gaming adoption?

Mighty Action Heroes. (Game website)

Do you think the bad rap blockchain/NFT gaming gets is a big issue?

What kind of adoption metrics are you looking for with your games?

What are some ideas or tech upgrades that could help blockchain gaming?

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