2024 BMW CE 02 eParkour Is Part Motorbike, Part Scooter, All Electric [wafact]

BMW Motorrad USA’s followup to the CE 04 electric scooter and its next step into the zero-emissions future is an all-electric city bike that’s not quite a motorcycle and not quite a scooter. The new 2024 BMW CE 02 eParkour remixes two-wheeled transport with a design that the German bike builder says is tailor-made for urban environments, all-terrain fun and affordability.

First previewed in concept form back in 2021, the eParkour form factor combines the silhouette, large wheels and riding position of a step-over motorbike with a simple design mated with optional anodized gold forks, giving it futuristic cafe racer vibes. Meanwhile, the upright riding position, fairly low seat (29.5 inches from ground) and the overall scale of the bike lend it the approachability, maneuverability and ease-of-riding typical of an urban scooter. Measuring 77.6 inches long on 14-inch wheels, it’s larger than a pit bike, but still a fairly compact ride.

Targeted at new and young riders, the CE 02’s all electric performance leans more modest. It features two 1.96 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion batteries that feed an 11-kilowatt electric motor. Peak output is stated at 15 horsepower and 40.6 pound-feet of torque, good enough for a 0-to-30 mph hustle in 3.0 seconds and a top speed of around 59 mph.

The electric bike features automatic stability control and recuperation stability control to help new riders balance the belt-driven torque, as well as front-wheel antilock braking. There are also up to four drive modes that further fine-tune throttle response and regeneration. Flow and Surf are standard, while the sporty Flash mode is part of the Highline upgrade package. Both trims also feature a power saving mode that limits power to around 4 kW, increasing range by an undisclosed amount.

The top speed of 59 mph and 56-mile range sound like a good balance for a day of urban riding.

BMW Motorrad USA

Charging on a standard household outlet with the included 0.9 kW charger gets you from 20% to 80% in around 170 minutes or around 140 minutes on the Highline’s faster 1.5 kW charger. With a full charge, riders can expect an estimated range of 56 miles — plenty for a day’s worth of ripping around a city.

The $875 Highline package also includes a smartphone tray and Bluetooth interface, which allows the rider to use their phone as a digital instrument cluster to monitor the performance and status of the bike or as a navigation device. Riders will control the phone via a handlebar keypad, so there’s no need to touch the screen. Standard equipment includes an on-board USB-C charging port, a TFT display for monitoring speed and range sans phone and an electronic immobilizer that works with the Keyless Ride digital fob.

Stability control on acceleration and recuperation help new riders balance the 40.6 pound-feet of belt-driven torque.

BMW Motorrad USA

The 2024 BMW CE 02 starts at $8,194 including destination. That’s almost $5,000 less than Beemer’s other EV, the CE04, making this the least expensive “urban mobility” scooter in BMW Motorrad’s current lineup. However, the eParkour is still pricey relative to traditionally shaped electric scooters offering similar range. Riders can decide whether the promise of style and performance is worth the extra cost when the 2024 BMW CE 02 arrives in the US in the coming months. 

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