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One of the biggest questions that has been on every Marvel fan’s mind is: “When are we getting the X-Men?” Though the classic animated series from the ’90s is supposed to hit Disney+ in the near future, many fans are still hoping to see the iconic team of heroes appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe alongside the powerful Avengers.

While we wait for that to happen, here’s a list of X-Men who should be brought into the MCU (excluding the members with confirmed appearances, such as Professor X, Wolverine, Deadpool, and Colossus).


Psylocke in the trailer for Marvel's "Fallen Angels."

Being a telepathic mutant, Psylocke can generate psionic weapons and basically turn her sword into a lightsaber, making her one of the most memorably awesome members of the X-Men. The most comics-accurate live-action version of Psylocke appeared as one of Apocalypse’s Four Horsemen in the villain’s titular film, but she disappeared at the end and was seemingly forgotten in Dark Phoenix.

This beloved character had so much more potential, and the MCU can rectify this mistake by having her become a member of the new X-Men. The studio could even present her character differently by adapting the recent “Excalibur” storyline and making her the new Captain Britain.



For years, Rogue has remained one of the most prominent members of the X-Men. Though she was an important character in the original X-Men trilogy, Rogue never had the chance to show her true power on-screen. Since she is able to take the superpowers of anyone she touches, Rogue has the ability to display some cinematic feats of strength that would be perfect for a blockbuster adventure.

The MCU could also give Rogue a more comic-accurate backstory by showing her go from being a villain to a hero. Having been adopted by Mystique, Rogue started out as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants before eventually taking the powers of Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) and joining the X-Men. This backstory would fit perfectly in the MCU, and it could make for a completely different story than what was seen before in films.


Though he is hands-down one of the coolest X-Men of all time, Gambit just can’t seem to win on the big screen. This Cajun mutant was supposed to try his cards in his very own film, with actor Channing Tatum portraying him. But after years of waiting, the film was shelved, leaving Tatum and many other fans devastated.

The most Gambit ever got was a supporting role in the critically panned X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but Marvel Studios has the chance to do the character right by making him a full-fledged member of the X-Men. Likewise, having him and Rogue share the romantic relationship that they have in the comics could be a refreshing route for both of their characters to take in the MCU.


Iceman in the trailer for "Marauders #1."

Iceman has long been among the most popular and powerful members of the X-Men, but only a few movies have shown him actually fighting with the team. His lighthearted personality and cool set of powers would make him a perfect addition to the MCU, and Marvel Studios can now show audiences the true depths of his strength.

He has also become one of the most recognizable gay superheroes in comics, so if the studio wants to include more LGBTQ+ representation in its projects, it should definitely bring in Iceman.

Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde in the trailer for "Marauders #1."

Starting as a wide-eyed teenager, Kitty Pryde has grown to become the high-ranking hero,Shadowcat, and she continues to be one of the X-Men’s most relatable and well-known members. Though she fought alongside the X-Men in films like The Last Stand and Days of Future Past, Kitty never got much of a spotlight in Fox’s X-Men franchise.

Since she is one of the younger members of the team, Kitty should be a hero that new MCU audiences can grow up with while watching the new X-Men. The comics recently gave Kitty the role of the leader of the X-Men offshoot team called the Marauders, who help mutants seek asylum in the nation of Krakoa. Seeing her go from being a rookie member of the X-Men to leading her own team of heroes as Captain Kate Pryde would make for an intriguing character arc in the MCU.


Magik in the trailer for Marvel's "New Mutants #1."

Experiencing unspeakable trauma at a young age, Illyana Rasputin spent much of her childhood training in the hellish realm of Limbo, becoming its ruler before returning to Earth and joining the New Mutants. Magik made her big-screen debut in Fox’s film The New Mutants, and while it featured acclaimed actor Anya-Taylor Joy as the sword-wielding sorcerer, the film proved to be an underwhelming origin story that took the character nowhere.

Since the MCU started delving deeper into the dark arts with Doctor Strange and WandaVision, it’s high time to bring this magical mutant into the mix. She could easily fit into the world of Doctor Strange, fighting alongside the former Sorcerer Supreme against the MCU’s mystical threats before joining the X-Men.


Cyclops in the trailer for "X-Men Legends #1."

Though Professor X created the X-Men, Cyclops has long been considered the team’s leader out in the field. Nevertheless, he never got the recognition he deserved, as the spotlight has been shined on other members of his team over the years, particularly Wolverine. As a result, Cyclops was very much sidelined in many cases in Fox’s X-Men films, having been killed off less than halfway into The Last Stand and not getting enough character development in the prequels.

Sure, Cyclops isn’t the most likable person in the world, but he still has the heart of a hero that beats loudly for his teammates and mutants everywhere. Thus, the red-eyed champion should get the chance to prove himself as a leader and friend by being the X-Men’s second-in-command in the MCU, which could help reinvent his divisive character for new audiences.

Emma Frost


In the comics, Emma was initially a member of the sinister Hellfire Club before turning over a new leaf and becoming a leading member of the X-Men. As an Omega-level telepath, Frost wields psychic powers that make her one of the strongest and most influential mutants on Earth. But even with her power and villainous backstory, beneath her diamond-hard shell is a woman struggling with her past and trying to do good, which makes her a truly compelling character.

Unfortunately, Emma Frost’s cinema presence doesn’t shine as brightly, with a brief and lackluster appearance in X-Men: First Class before being unceremoniously killed off-screen in the sequel. This all may have been a missed opportunity, but Marvel Studios has the chance to depict the White Queen as the morally complex figure who has become a fan favorite. Having her appear as a leader for the X-Men can help the MCU put a fresh spin on her character, and exploring Frost’s iconic relationship with Cyclops can add another new dynamic not seen in past films.



Orphaned on the streets of Cairo at a young age, Ororo Munroe grew as a pickpocket before being taken in by Professor X as a member of his team. Wielding the power of the weather in the palm of her hand, Storm has achieved an extraordinary level of power in the MCU, and has even been considered a god to some in her world.

Nevertheless, the films have hardly even begun to showcase Storm’s real power, and she can rival the greatest of the MCU’s cosmic threats. There’s also a lot of content that the MCU can adapt for Storm’s character, as she has had quite an outstanding journey in recent comics. She became the wife of the Black Panther and the Queen of Wakanda, the terraformer and regent ruler of Arakko (formerly known as Mars), and the new leader of Magneto’s Brotherhood of Mutants. Any one of these would make for a unique iteration of this iconic hero.

Jean Grey

Jean Grey in the trailer for "A.X.E. Judgment Day #1."

This red-haired telepath has had a massive impact on mutant-kind in the comics. Going from being a founding member of the X-Men to the almighty Phoenix, Jean Grey has walked a fine line between good and evil throughout her life. But despite her wrongdoings, she rose from the darkness to be a loving and caring human being that continues to inspire others. Hollywood has tried and failed to adapt The Dark Phoenix Saga twice already, so Marvel Studios should try to do something different with Jean’s character this time around if it intends to bring her into the MCU.

Perhaps introducing her character post-Dark Phoenix is the way to go, as it could allow audiences to follow her on a path toward redemption after all the lives she stole as a cosmic villain. An example of this is how Jean saved the Earth from annihilation by proving her worth to the Celestial Progenitor in A.X.E. Judgment Day, which could be adapted using the return of Celestial Arishem after Eternals. Seeing Jean go up against an almighty Celestial would be the perfect way to introduce her character to the MCU.

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