Wildlife corridors: What a meandering moose says about US wildlife protection efforts

To prevent extinctions and protect habitats, the US has started building wildlife corridors around major roads and cities. A moose spotting is the latest sign that these efforts seem to be paying off


7 February 2023

A moose

Moose are known to live across the northern US, but until recently, none had been spotted in south-western Washington state

Design Pics Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

In the dim half-light of winter, a wildlife trail camera in Mount Rainier National Park in Washington state captured a surprising sight. Squinting, a curious viewer could just about discern the creature trudging through the snow: “Is that a MOOSE?” the park’s social media account asked incredulously.

The sighting on 8 December was the first moose documented in south-western Washington. It came just a few months after a state Department …

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