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Balloons or aliens? America rattled by weekend of mysterious shootdowns

Good morning, US politics blog readers. It was a busy weekend for the air force, and a bad one for unknown bodies in North American skies. Since Friday, American jets have shot down three objects flying over the US and Canada, but the Pentagon hasn’t yet said what they are (though the New York Times reports that there’s no reason to believe they are extraterrestrial in nature). The shootdowns came days after a US plane downed a Chinese spy balloon that had drifted across American airspace, enraging Washington at Beijing’s audacity. Are these latest objects more of those, or something else? Perhaps we’ll find out today.

Here’s what else we can expect:

  • The White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, briefs reporters at 1pm eastern time.

  • The Senate will convene at 3pm to consider more judicial nominees from Joe Biden.

  • Top Biden administration officials including transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg and White House adviser Susan Rice speak at the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference starting from 9.30am.

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