Travel for Less With a Discounted Lifetime Subscription to Dollar Flight Club

Are you itching to travel? Whether you fly frequently or want to save some money on a particular trip, Dollar Flight Club can help budget-conscious ticket buyers grab the best deals to travel around the world for less. As flights become more expensive, finding affordable options is even more important. 

For a one-time fee of $50, you can get a lifetime subscription to Dollar Flight Club’s Premium Plus tier to get alerts about special travel deals and low-cost fares for business, premium economy and economy airline tickets. Or snag the Premium tier for just $40, with access to economy seating only. Whichever subscription you go with, you’ll be paying far less than the regular cost of an annual membership.

We’re all busy these days, so instead of having to hunt down the best fares yourself, Dollar Flight Club will do it for you, making it much easier to book your dream vacation, prepare for a visit to see loved ones or find an excuse to take off for a last-minute weekend getaway. 

As mentioned above, the Dollar Flight Club Premium Plus plan gives you access to savings on flights in business, premium economy and economy seating, and includes both domestic and international deals. (Premium only offers deals for economy seating.) Once you sign up and add your home airports, you’ll get instant alerts via email and can book whenever and wherever using the web or the app, which is available on both iOS and Android devices. 

Plus, you can get perks and discounts of up to 50% off from various partners, including Babbel, Acanela Expeditions and Huckberry, as well as access to a variety of travel tips from DFC experts to help you plan your next adventure.

If high flight prices have been stopping you from booking the vacation of your dreams, now’s a great time to invest in a service that can help you find the best discounts, curated and delivered directly to you.

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