Today’s Wordle #603 Hint, Clues And Answer For Sunday, February 12th

Oh man, I am beat! I go to OrangeTheory a few times a week which is this High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) place and holy crap it can be tough. Then I hiked in the snow for another hour-and-a-half and I haven’t been sleeping very well so I’m just wiped. That’s okay, though. Today is the Super Bowl and before the big game I’m doing some tabletop roleplaying with my group of RPG buddies, so it’s lazy fun Sunday start to finish. Huzzah!

This is Super Bowl LVII—the 57th Super Bowl—between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles, two teams that we see fairly frequently during the Big Game. Normally I write a column about the Madden NFL prediction of the Super Bowl each year, ever since the video game simulation got it right down to the exact score back in 2015. That was pretty crazy! But the game’s predictive powers have waned over the intervening years. It got last year’s prediction wrong, and is closing in on 50% correct—or about the same as coin toss.

This year, the game predicts an Eagles victory, 31-17 over the Chiefs. The Eagles are the favorite to win so this is no surprise (sorry Philadelphia, you can’t always be the underdog).

I like football because it’s kind of like a turn-based strategy game. Both sides pick their plays and then enact their moves and then stop and do it all over again. There’s action, but it’s plotted out in turns—unlike soccer or basketball (which also have plays, but not the stop-start nature of football with its downs and so forth). I also like Wordle! And I’ve turned it into a competitive game against the evil Wordle Bot, so let’s see who won today’s!

How To Solve Today’s Wordle

The Hint: The opposite end of the spectrum from gnomes and Hobbits.

The Clue: This large word contains a tiny insect (as did yesterday’s word).

The Answer (Spoilers):




Yeah, I did not win today’s. I got mine in four guesses while the wicked, devious Bot somehow managed just three. Oh well! Four ain’t bad! It’s a -1 for me for losing since guessing in four isn’t worth any points, but it could be worse . . . .

Crime actually wasn’t a bad opening guess, though 168 isn’t a small number of remaining possible answers. The real problem was silky, which I knew was going to be a bad guess the moment I hit enter. Why did I pick it? I guess I just like the word and I like silky things, and maybe somehow my mind wandered to a silky place.

From here, bingo just seemed like a good idea, and it really was, narrowing the 30 that silky got me down to just 2. My first instinct was giant so I went with it. Sometimes you just have to follow your gut!

Enjoy your lazy Sunday, folks!

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