The Sandbox (SAND) Issues Security Alert to Users: Details


The virtual gaming platform The Sandbox claims that it recently discovered that an unauthorized third party had gotten access to one of its employees’ computers.

In the incident that occurred on Feb. 26, the third party was able to gain access to several email accounts, to which it sent an email purporting to be from The Sandbox.

In a blog post, it alerts that the email, “The Sandbox Game (PURELAND) Access,” sent by the third party contained links to malware that would be able to remotely install malware on a user’s computer, giving it access to the device and control over it.

The only employee’s PC that the third party had access to was through a malware program, and it was unable to access any other services or accounts at The Sandbox.

The Sandbox users’ email addresses were the target of the security incident. The Sandbox claims that as soon as the illegal action was discovered, it immediately alerted the recipients of the scam email to disregard said email.

Additionally, it formatted the employee’s laptop, reset all associated passwords, mandated two-factor authentication and barred the employees’ access to The Sandbox and their accounts. It has not discovered any more impacts at the time of the post.

What users should do

As it continues its effort to secure user details, The Sandbox advises users to adopt two-factor authentication and use strong passwords to make their accounts as secure as possible.

Also, users should not open any links from emails like “The Sandbox Game (PURELAND) Access,” or any other emails they think might be fraudulent.

Users should take proactive measures to quickly detect and eliminate any malware on their systems. A consultation with an IT expert or even a possible reformatting of the machine may be required in this situation.

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